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Photo TR - East Coast Tour 2008 - The C-Jay Perspective

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East Coast Tour 2008 - The C-Jay Perspective


Day 0: Pre-Game (Below)

Day 1: Coney Island (Below)

Day 2: Six Flags New England 1, Quassy and Lake Compounce (Below)

Day 3: Six Flags New England 2 and Playland

Day 4: Six Flags Great Adventure

Day 5: Six Flags America

Day 6: Busch Gardens Europe

Day 7: King’s Dominion

Day 8: Morey’s Piers

Day 8: Morey’s Piers slides/ video and Clementon Park

Day 9: Hershey Park

Day 10: Dorney Park

Day 11: Knoebels



Hey all. Well, hard to believe it's over! A fantastic trip! Looking over the pictures as I do this mini Photo TR really brings back the trip and is definitely helping me deal with it being over.


Before I begin, let me just say that I resigned myself to not taking many photos because let's face it, Hanno and Dan just do it better! Ok, in addition to Hanno and Dan, there were certainly a lot of others with much better cameras and some phenomenal shots, all which you will be able to check out in the official updates I'm sure, along with the official DVD! I for one can't wait!


My aim was basically to cover some fun and craziness as I experienced it and to share with the forum and add to the official East Coast update by filling in some blanks. If any of my pics are used, I would be of course honoured and bow down to he who holds the bags of mystery (aka crap)and authors the official East Coast Tour thread!


Hope you enjoy!


First up, those of us who arrived early enough spent the prior day at SFGA.


Ah, the skyride. Roy56 Rocks!


The rest of the day was spent mainly on El Toro and many many re-rides on Nitro, one my newest favourites, which is hard to admit since we just got the amazing Behemoth at my home park.


Yes, we waited a good hour and a bit for Kingda Ka. Truly worth it to see the look on Olivier's face for his first anticipated wait for launch. Chris is just a pro at it! We met up with Drew and Sam in line.


After a brief airport meet, we arrived at SFGA. A truly beautiful day and the park didn't seem overly crowded. We're here pictured by our custom transportation, the Mini and the Prius (aka the Gheypri as apparantly it is really either 'ghey' or 'treehugger'). This was truly an amazing way to meet some the people who I'd become very close with over the trip as great friends. Not pictured - Drew and Sam joined us later in the day.

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After dropping off the 'Gheypri/ Treehugger-mobile' at the airport on the first official day, I headed to the hotel. Those of us who just couldn't fathom getting up early to go to Sesame Place were hanging out at the hotel waiting for the bus. We took over the banquet area entrance.


Once the bus was ready, it was off to Brooklyn and Coney Island. The Manhattan skyline was incredible that night.


You can see my more detailed Coney Island pics in my Photo TR: Jason Takes Manhattan.


*sideshow photos from coneyisland.com.


This one used to eat insects and is known at times as Insectavora. On our visit she was the Queen of Kerosene! What she did with flames, her mouth....yah ok you get the picture, it was hot...literally. Our bus was leaving shortly after her show so a large group of us left the theatre. The queen of kerosine was sad that we left...I think Kerry filled in the details in the official East Coast thread haha


So, one last ride on the Cyclone and on the bus headed to New England. That's it from Brooklyn and Coney Island!


This chick was struck by lightning many times and as such, could manipulate electricity. She sat in a live electric chair and lit a torch that was rubbed on her tongue and also lit a lightbulb with her fingers. Hot? Still trying to figure that out.


Ok, so after that, we had to do all that you must do at Coney Island after the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel. Nathan's and the Sideshow. After some awesome hot dogs we went to check out the side show theatre. Some highlights included the three-fingered/ claw man followed by this dude. He did some crazy juggling with knives and such and MC'd the show.


Max being hyper active and doing something crazy...surfing as the car slides to who knows where.


Ok, here we remembered that the car slides forward and actually looks like it will fly off the wheel.


Dino's famous wonder wheel. Of course, we went for the sliding car. This pic was easy to take and for a moment, we really forgot that the car will eventually slide and look like it will fly right off the wheel.


Now here's the stuff! Chris, Nick and Jay. Nick was just as afraid of drop towers but did this one and became the biggest drop tower whooore :) Not pictured but still on the ground - Olivier, John, Jenn, Scott and Gary.


David, Eli and yes..there was Max, uhm..nothing else needs to be said :)


I have no idea why but I decided to ride the Cyclone in the back. Not the best idea. For the second ride I moved right up to the front. For those who didn't know already, I fear drop towers terribly, so skipped this one out and said no to the peer pressure. Now that I look at the next few pics, here is another group of people that made the night at Coney Island and the entire trip truly amazing. Starting off with Kim, Kerry and Cora


Ah Brooklyn, how sweet it is! Full of conveniences. You can pick up your chicken and then some!


Yah ok...who knows when that'll be done :) Regarding the hair, there's a great story and happy ending there but I'll leave that to the hair owner or hair stylist.


Nick basically supervised. A very cool and laid back dude and thank goodness for that. He wasn't too tough on us to get the signs done before the bus left.


I ended up colouring in part of a bus sign that Cora is working on here. Cora and Taylor, thanks for letting me help out and having full faith in my ability to stay inside the lines!


Very cool ElToro A-Jay was of course getting his hair done by the very talented Chris. You know, we could have been at Sesame Place instead! :)

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What a crazy schedule! It was well worth it. Day 2 for example was jam packed with three parks!


Six Flags New England Day 1, Quassy (aka the Aussie Speedbump) and Lake Compounce.


Other highlights of SFNE and the trip to date:


An interesting trend:

-Note Christiana's hair - it defies the laws of physics and has not moved to date.


Other cool peeps:

-Met my awesome roomie Luko

-Met Eric and Candace

-Met Drew's awesome tormentors, Chris and Daren

-Met Trent, Jake, Luke, Ben and other Aussies and Brits who joined up with Baywatch Taylor, Jenn and Scott

-Met the 3rd Jason on the trip and obviously like all Jasons, a very cool guy.

-Met JakeG and EricM, a section of calmness at the back of the bus and a ton of fun (they were never picky about where to go and when)

-Met the famous Hanno and Erik Johnson and crew at SFNE

-Also really cool seeing Brent and "N-G" Adam and Matt from Behemoth Bash

-Oh, and it can't be forgotten that Olivier and I met our soon to be awesome Q-Bot partners in line at Superman ROS, the flying Dutchmen themselves, Selwyn and John.


Drinking Night 1:

-Given how aggressive the schedule was, drinking nights were far and few between. I think we only had two main ones in total!

-The bar next to the hotel rocked. Thanks to JasonM, Drew, Olivier Eric and Luko for the drinks and company.

-This night of course was only a warm up for the Dorney Hotel bar! More on that later…


Finally, what we all came for..


I rode Boulder Dash for my very first time at night in the dark. Until you try, you'll never know what you're missing....or what's coming (bruises, fun, screaming. laughing, air, speed, etc etc).

It was truly an amazing day!


Stay tuned for SFNE Day 2 and the no longer Surprise Park, Rye Playland.


Drew, Chris and Daren


John isn't at all bored. He's got a pole....and it's got a horse attached...


"Now that we're all on this thing..I'm kinda bored"


Screamin' Swing take over!


One of my favourite flats..the Rotor. Others will have tons of pics and videos of us trying to enjoy this after riding the turbo-charged waveswinger.


Zoomerang boomerang takeover! The smoothest one I think we have all ever been on. A lot of fun.


Captain Scott trying to film. I think he fell on David's lap trying to move around while Studio 54 was in motion?


The one and only Fred, our driver and mentor offering sage advice and support...the real Captain of Party Bus Studio 54..all bow.


Back on the bus. The coolest t-shirts...ever.


My awesome roomie Luko with Eli and Kerry.


That's it for Quassy, a small Aussie speedbump (as Trent would say) in the way of getting to the good shtuff....the oldest amusment park in America, Lake Compounce.


Interpretive dance Kerry styles, now say her name!


"This ride was very very very scary, but I liked it thiiiiisss much!"


Whoot whoot!


My first kiddie coaster takeover! The coaster with the lift hill of death. Hopefully someone filmed it because the thump of it trying to get us all up the hill was priceless.


Regardless, it was definitely a lot of fun. It really felt like it was either going to fall apart or the car was going to fly off the track.


Arriving at Quassy. A great small family park where the motto is that you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot (of fun). Well I mean look at that mouse. Classic is the only way to describe it, even the bolts holding it together.


A$$ credit!


"No! You will not take my beer hat of coolness!" Drew, that hat rocks!




"I will still never admit that Superman is better than Khan"


With Day 1 at SFNE done, it was back on Studio 54 Party Bus and off to Quassy family park.


So, here we have one cold, one hot and Jenn....either looking for something on the floor or ...well...I dunno.


The winners! Team Petunia rocked it. Ok, it was mainly Kerry and Petunia. I only managed one spare.


After ERT it was time to check out the park. We were talked into Wii bowling with Porky and Petunia.


Requisite Superman pose!


"I for one, will never admit that this is better than Khan".


Ok, the happiest front car I've ever seen. Brent, glad you made it up there, no front car is the same without you man! We met front row Behemoth!


Hmm..Jay has that "That was soooo much better than last night" look.




Front row! Where else?


Superman ERT! Could a morning get any better? It was running a bit rough but once it warmed up. whoooaa! Some sweet Intamin goodness.

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I'm lovin' the TR, Jason! I really wish I had come up early for the pre-game day now. I missed out on extra fun and getting to know you guys even earlier. I am also at 148 coasters now...If I had gone the pre-game day I would be over 150!


Oh well, I did need the nap time I managed to fit in. And I got to have dinner with some really fantastic guys! David, Eli, John, and Gary welcomed me to TPR with open arms and many laughs that very first dinner. David greeted me loudly as promised, so that was worth it all. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!


I'll look forward to more of your updates. Keep up the good work!

(PS..Olivier, what if anything eventually surpassed Khan?)

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Large pole + horse = happy John! The only way that ride could've been better is if the pole was labeled "Smoker's Pole".

BTW what's up with me looking like the freakin' Crypt Keeper in the Zoomerang pic?! Oh well, I love it anyway!

I miss you, too, Kerry!!! Eating authentic philly cheesesteak while actually in Philly was a great start to the trip!

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I'd forgotten about Quassy, I rode the Mouse with Rich (who is a cop) and he said he was never more scared on a coaster, I was just whatever - my indifference to near death experiences is not good. I've joked around while I'm lying in a pool of my blood waiting for an ambluance with parts of my body bent where they shouldn't be, I think I told them to prank call my foster parents with news of my demise.


Little Dipper at Quassy, that should be called Lumbar Eraser along with High Speed Thrill Coaster, I got five cycles on that, lovely guy that ride op.

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Nice TR so far, dude ... and yes, KHAN RULES THE SKIES !!! lol. Well, at least in the steelie league. But I have to admit some rides came really close, and sometimes rides I didn't expect anything of. Jay, please tell me you got pics of our raid at the bar near Dorney... This moment was priceless. I miss you dude

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Oh, by the way, Jay... You triggered something in me... and this is NOT sexual lol. I was not a flat ride freak before... but riding so many spin'n'pukes (or whatever we may call them) with you was GREAT fun. The 3 different Frisbee-types, the insane Maelström, my first ever (!) Rotor at Compounce, the "dunno how this ride is called" at Knoebels, the Pirat Ships at several parks, but probably one of the funniest moments was when I had the honour of riding 2 (yes, TWO !!!) drop towers with you. (the double shot at Playland, and the slow scary thing at Morey's Piers). I promise you will ride Dalton Terror one day. Yes Sir, you WILL !

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I'm lovin' the TR, Jason! I really wish I had come up early for the pre-game day now. I missed out on extra fun and getting to know you guys even earlier. I am also at 148 coasters now...If I had gone the pre-game day I would be over 150!


Kerry thanks for the post! It would have been cool but I think you were hanging out with some cool people in the meantime! Glad we were n'sync with our marathon ERT coaster and dark ride riding! It was a blast.


Ok, what's the deal with everyone having horrid photos of me! In all seriousness, I'm having way too much fun in David's lap. Apparently I didn't fall cause um, I have my blanket on us.


Well, there are some brutal shots of us all I'm sure. Hmm..way to ruin it I didn't want to get you in trouble with anyone *cough, Eli, *cough (I'm just kidding around man!)


Large pole + horse = happy John! The only way that ride could've been better is if the pole was labeled "Smoker's Pole". BTW what's up with me looking like the freakin' Crypt Keeper in the Zoomerang pic?! Oh well, I love it anyway!


Secondly Jason, your camera adds 15 pounds. I mean seriously... Do I need to start a patch jacket? LOL


Scott, John, Eli, way too funny! Trust me, there are some pics of me that I've seen where I look like the overlord of the crypt keeper, sometimes more than 15 pounds heavier looking so not to worry lol


I'd forgotten about Quassy, I rode the Mouse with Rich (who is a cop) and he said he was never more scared on a coaster, I was just whatever - my indifference to near death experiences is not good.


Brent, honestly, thank you for being that way because it gave many of us the courage to actually go on crazy S**t like that mouse and even a drop tower.


Yeah, great. And I wasn't even in THE cerebral palsy seat.


Chris, you can't tell at all! That is an awesome pose! I mean..if there is a special seat on coasters for people creating such magnificent poses, let me know and we'll take it next time haha


Good report so far, and it was nice to meet you on the trip. It's too bad the only time we hung out was at the bar, although having a big table of us at the hopping bar by Dorney was a great experience. Hope to see you on another TPR trip down the line.


Thanks Jason, same to you man! I'm definitely planning on another trip at some point for sure so we'll have to bring some of the Dorney craziness to the parks.


Eric - Thanks for the note. That mouse really was insane, a real thrill ride.


Olivier - what can I say? As Jason also said, Dorney was pure craziness. Thanks for the note. I can't believe you saw me that nervous on the double shot and drop tower. I don't think I can go through that again for a while but you never know. Looking at the gyrodrop at KD made me sick. Glad I could add another convert to the flat ride dark side! Regardless I owed you that Drop Tower in exchange for trying to make you puke in the tea cups.

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^was my pleasure, old chap ! As well as riding some of the wettest rides with you too... Do you think WE sank the boat on Pompei (lift top) or is it just the way this thing is supposed to ride ? I also wanted to kick your ass after our ride on Roman Rapids... you know ? When Selwyn and I were drenched because YOU wanted to ride it ? lol. As for the beer on a next trip, you can count on me for doing the same as this year: knock on your door with a couple of bottles... Can't believe I forgot some in the hotel room's fridge. Oh, and if you want the video interview of us being stuck on Apollo's Chariots' mid course brake run, just tell me, it's on my pc already ! lol

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Olivier: Hmm….that was all Selwyn. He wanted to ride the Roman Rapids….and how sweet it was that he was the only one who got soaked! I bet you’re already telling your kids about this craziness haha


I’ve got a copy of the video and love it. That and the one on the paddle geese, which will be posted up here at some point.


Eric, Pompeii was crazy! Robb said we’d get soaked on Rapids and could dry off a bit because of the fires in Pompeii. I think the opposite happened to us with those rides. But no fire was great enough to dry off our legs and feet after the tidal wave came into the boat. The shoot the chutes at Dorney did the same to an extent in the front row, but not nearly as much as Pompeii, where our boat actually dipped under for a quick second lol

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^Yup...same thing in our boat as well! What I loved was Bas telling us that we wouldn't get wet on that ride. Then we of course all got soaked!


Jason, are you saying that you somehow avoided the organized drenching of the Roman Rapids ride? I'm not sure if Robb was still there or not when we went through. I couldn't see due to all of the water hitting me in the face. I do know that he had passed along words of wisdom to the people waiting there so they would be able to completely drown us! Oh well, why go on a water themed ride and stay dry!


I'm one of the crazies that doesn't believe in an unacceptable amount of wetness...it's just the chill factor that can be an issue post soaking! (and a little revealing at that.... )


Dorney was still the craziest water park experience for me...I don't think we have any photographic/video proof, but I know we launched at least three kids on the water slide! Too much fun!!

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Haha, the Pompeii thing happened to our boat as well! It was freakin' scary seeing this wave rolling along the front of the boat towards me, knowing I couldn't do a thing about it!


Again, we also relatively survived Roman Rapids, the little girls we rode with weren't as lucky, but they deserved it for asking if we drove from England and even worse, Australia!

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First off, let me say thank you to all the posters! This is the first time that any of my Photo TRs has made it to Page 3, let alone past page 1! Very cool!


So, before the weekend gets rolling I thought I'd add Day 3, Six Flags New England Day 2 and the one, theeee only government operated Rye Playland!


For those who saw my New York TR, you'll know I really enjoyed the movie Big and as such, had my pics of FAO Schwartz, home of the giant keyboard. So..going to Rye Playland, home of Zoltar the Magnificent, truly completed the trip in nostalgia. Oh yah..they also filmed a scene or two from the Muppets take Manhatten there. (Robb and Elissa, I think I may have been one of only a few, but thank you, thank you, thank you for having The Muppet Show as part of our in-bus entertainment)


Notwithstanding being unable to find Zoltar anywhere, it was a great day and night!


More Highlights:


-From Day 1 - Amazing Waterpark ERT! Yes, I broke Typhoon twice and yes, two evacs. OH..I didn't do it alone..partners in crime were A-Jay, Kim, Trent and Baywatch Taylor.

-The Tornado with Kim, David and Eli

-More Superman ERT

-First day of Q-Bots

-Broke the Boomerang/ stuck on the lift hill

-Could not get the spinning coaster to spin..both rides

-Chickened out of riding Scream drop tower, as witnessed by GJ, Jason, Erik, Eric, Candace and my group

-The announement of all announcements, the Superman Intamin wheel shall have dominion over all other prizes in the bag of mystery!

-My first Double Shot at Playland and subsequent screams of terror.

-The Whip at Playland was turbo-charged! You've never been on a whip until you've tried that one.

-Watching Jenn and Scott's Whip cart lift off the ground

-The most gory of all haunted houses and dark rides

-They had more than one Burger King at Playland!

-Apparantly I was a tard and decided to ride a grocery store boat ride on the Boardwalk.


More cool Peeps (who's names I can remember and not mentioned above or previously haha):

-Got to see and chat with Robb and Elissa a bit more

-Met James, MouseAT, David Fudge and company, a great group of Brits and Aussies

-Met Alan, Brandon and TP Dave

-Lara showed up for a bit, even when not feeling that great (a real trooper)

-Met the one and only Richard

-Continuing interaction with the one and only Bethany


After riding the Dragon Coaster we saw it from afar...The Volare. It was everything that you could imagine it to be...pass the Advil..


Any ride with Ghetto Kruger next to the devil has got be insane.


To end off our rides and for me to recover and catch my breath still from the Double Shot, we tried out a few dark rides. The most gory of which, was the Flying Witch.


Dork shot!


Olivier with Tony, our personal videographer and photographer on our new flat ride adventure.


But most importantly...The original Whip, a ride that edges out the rotor, especially after that night!


Turn around..Lean in!!


One of the first rides at Playland in Rye. We really got a good idea of how awesome the ride ops were here...


Put your right foot on the top rung!


Sit your a$$ down and put put your left foot on the bottom rung!


..we'll end with another post-volare shot..


So, after all that, it was chow down at Burger King, boardwalk, boat ride, avoiding tickles and fixing the glasses.


How cool is it seeing our groups name up in lights in Rye?


Another amazing day. Thanks for checking this out and stay tuned for Day 4.


Thanks for an amazing two mornings SFNE!


Just amazing.


Almost time to go, so it was time to squeeze in one last ride on Superman ROS.


There ya have it...two dissoriented dorks in a tea cup..


By the time it stopped, every parent of every kid on the ride and standing beside the ride was clapping and laughing WITH us...we were the blur that passed by every few seconds.


Dorks in a tea cup. We were only there for one reason...spin them as fast as humanly possible.


Wet (on a ride where you're supposed to stay dry)


Or was something just really funny during the ride?


An awesome ride!

Let's continue the theme..










Yah thanks, I'll stay on the ground.


The other cool group in line for Scream.


Ok, so Kerry is waving, Kim is smiling....the other two..I'm really not quite sure. If I were to guess, biatchin' maybe?


The Thunderbolt. A classic coaster in desperate need of paint and lurvin'.


I could say something related to Superman...but nah.


Just fun, craziness and riding whatever we could. Credits were never a major part of the trip for us, which was cool given that I have no idea what I'm at. We just made sure we respected Olivier's choice of coaster for any milestone credit.


Ok, so our new Q-bot group of 4 (Olivier, Selwyn, John and myself) got off to a good start. From the looks of it, we were all crazy and easy going enough to make it all work out. Superman was that good, hold that pose.

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