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Mini Photo TR: TPR Invades Virginia


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Theme Park Review's 2008 East Coast Tour cruised into Virginia, so I took two days off to hang out with the crew at Busch Gardens Europe and Kings Dominion. Living in Williamsburg, I spend a lot of time at these two parks (especially Euroburg) during the season--but there's "time" and there's "TPR Time."


How often do I get to hang out with some really cool people and enjoy ERT on Griffon, Alpengeist, the Big Bad Wolf, Dominator, and Volcano--not to mention take a walking tour of Curse of DarKastle?


Euroburg's great to have as a home park, and I'm glad that everybody had a good time there. (It's pretty tough to beat nighttime ERT on the Big Bad Wolf, eh folks?) Opinions seemed a bit more mixed about KD, but the group enjoyed their time there overall, I think.


Once again, my thanks to Robb and Elissa for setting all this up. Here's a look at two great days in Virginia. Shall we start with DarKastle?


Remember--no tongues. More to come from BGE and KD.


"Nice doggie, Tyler. Don't scare any more pineapple-juice diarrhea out of the nice little birdie . . ."


"Hi Ladies! I'm Jahan! This is an old Arrow flume. Cool, eh?"


Thanks for the look at DarKastle, BGE.


Aghh! I'm experiencing vertigo! Sideways!


Here's the entrance to the maintenance area. If the computer system detects a faulty ride vehicle, a turntable diverts it here.


"Come--it shall be fed!"


"You have such hunger for my secrets?"


What? Am I taking crazy pills?


Hmm--must be the maid's century off.


. . . as is everybody else.


Yeah, I'm totally geeking out here . . .


Here's our excellent guide, Larry Giles, head of design and engineering.


The trees can't start scaring anybody until after they've had their morning cup of coffee.


. . . a behind-the-scenes tour of Curse of DarKastle is just too cool.


Yeah, ERT on Alpengeist and Griffon is great, but . . .

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More fun 'n' games at BGE and KD.


No, Dave--you may not take an official Kings Dominion brick as a souvenir! That's all--thanks for reading.


"I didn't touch nothin'! I didn't touch nothin'!"


"Hello ladies! I keep track of my coaster count on my cell phone! Pretty damn cool, wouldn't you say?"


"Drop Tower--the suspense builds! Yes, we are very much in suspense waiting for what happens on Drop Tower! Just what does this ride do?"


"I'm just a sittin'--thank god!"


"And I'm a squishin'!"


"I'm a clenchin'!"


It's the KidTums workout. Come on, baby! Feel the burn!


Especially Hanno. (Dominator's exit bridge shakes like mad for some reason.)


Everybody was pretty loopy that morning.


ERT . . . go-o-o-o-d! TPR members like!


Here we observe coaster dorks in their natural habitat.


"Choke, monkeys, choke!" On to Kings Dominion.


"Argh! Won by some wench at a carny game! This be no fit end for a good pirate duck such as meself!"


Here we observe plush green frogs doing what comes naturally in their own habitat. Oh, the beauty of nature!


Welcome to Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! It's plush-animal-mating season in Virginia.


"Stupid milk bottles! Die!"


"Hello, again ladies! Care to play with my pink monkey?"

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Great TR Chuck! Fantastic captions as always and a nice selection of pictures. It was awesome hanging out with you again too, until next year...


Oh and don't even joke, Beth looks sooo impressed with my cell phone coaster count

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^Grizzly was pretty rough that day. I still like that nasty ol' bear of a ride, but I don't think it won too many fans among the East Coast trippers. Then again, I've ridden Anaconda at Walygator, which is worse than damn near anything.

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"What, you all got to take a walking tour of the Curse of Darkastle?I'm so green with envy!


However, my friend and I had the chance of a lifetime to ride Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure twice: one time with the lights on and the second time with the lights off. This was several years ago during their coaster celebration (with their newest coaster El Toro and their tallest and fastest coaster on the planet Kinda Ka) and they offered two ERT: one in the morning and the second near midnight. Because nearly everyone were taken turns on El Toro (and shouting "Oley" everytime a train despatches from the station), my friend and I were riding the other coasters that were all walk up and ride. When we got to go on Skull Mountain, we were the only riders there. So the operators asked us if we were like to ride this ride twice: one with the lights on so we can see what's inside and the second time in the dark. We agreed and we both felt like VIP's after the rides were over.


As for Kings Dominion (my favorite and nearest park) I've been there five times this season and hope to make it #6 this Labor Day.

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