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Tropical Storm Fay


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True that. Been tracking it since last week and the NWS model looks like it'll affect places like Tallahassee more so than Gainesville, but as you well know, those rain bands can push winds something fierce.



As for my hotel accommodations, we've actually switched them once again; we're now staying at Hotel Royal Plaza tonight (right near Downtown Disney) and heading out to Florida Tech/Melbourne/Floodtown U.S.A. in the morning. Ironically enough, the last time we stayed at Royal Plaza was just before one of the 2004 hurricanes (Charlie?) destroyed about 90% of the place!

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So far we've had a lot of rain and a little bit of wind. Otherwise, it's been "business as usual" today. UF and SFCC have canceled classes for tomorrow.


In other news, there's a new river running by my apartment. Looks like the property value's going to go back up!


And now for a quick mini-TR covering my trips to and from work


There's some small bits of debris around, but nothing major.


A new lake has formed in the Butler Plaza area


This is considered "ditch your shopping cart when you get into your car" weather. Hopefully they get them in before the wind picks up


The rain started, and it hasn't stopped since. People were at stores buying dorm/apartment supplies, umbrellas, and other items, instead of flashlights, batteries, and bottled water.


The same thing can't be said about Bennigan's though


The movie theatre is "still open"


The local CVS is advertising the fact that they sell propane gas for when the power goes out

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