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Photo TR: Cedar Point, 7/6 and 7/7 2005

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Well this marks my 5th trip to Cedar Point in my lifetime, 1st trip was in 1999. This was my first trip there without my parents, a pretty big deal I think. I took along a friend who has never been to Cedar Point. We left early Wednesday morning for the 400 miles trip from Central Illinois. We were inside the park by 3:30. I wont go into extreme detail on everything like I sometimes do on other sites, instead I'll put most of the pertent information in my picture captions. Ive heard some talk of how park operations have gone downhill recently, but I didnt see any of that. Overall we had an awsome trip, it was a little crowded, but the crowds seemed to really die off after 8.


Took this baby while waiting for front row.


Another shot from the Sky Ride...


Funny Magnum story...


one time on Thursday while on Magnum, when our train was stopped on the break run just before you enter the station, some guy in the back was having a good time, sort of mocking the auto spiel guy(not in a bad way) He said somethi




A nice overview of the park, as seen from skyride.


Probably my favorite picture of the bunch. Took it from sky-ride, it turned out really nicely.


Ah, a picture of my Freeway. This was only my 2nd time using freeway, it really paid off, and its my favorite of the q-bot/ fastpass systems. So simple, yet it works to perfection.


Yes, the Maxair line extended this far back...still wasnt more than maybe 30 minutes or so.


Wicked Twister was closed, and apparenty it just today opened. Sad, because I LOVE wicked twister.


The weather was PERFECT both days, sunny and High's at 79-80. That's probably one reason it was so crowded on a weekday.


This is probably the best part...


Still waiting...


Waiting for Launch...


Got 2 rides on Dragster, including my first in the front row. Our first ride was 1st thing Thursday morning, waited about an hour. Great ride, its amazing how well this thing is running...it can really move a line pretty quickly when its running like th


Still my favorite ride...


I for whatever reason felt compelled to take a picture of a bush alongside the Mantis queue. And I have included it for your viewing enjoyment.


I has skipped Mantis in my previous two trips, so I figured I might as well. I still dont like it. Its not the roughness, I just hate all stand-ups.


At dusk...


We got on MF a total of 3 times, 2 times were end of the day night rides. I had never left CP after closing like that, it was strange to walk around an almost empty park. MF was amazing, as usual, and while the crew didnt hit interval very often, they s


This was a cool shot I thought, I just looked up and snapped while waiting for Magnum, which was running awsome. Gotta give the crew here props, they hit interval almost all the time. The wait was never over 20 minutes, especially if I wanted to sit in


I wasnt overly impressed with MaxAir. It wasnt BAD, but I feel the restraints really took you out of the ride...they seemed like horrible horsecollars to me


A stunning shot of the Blue Streak...this is probably where the line started, to you BS buffs out there...


Ah, the blue streak entrance. The first thing we rode upon entering, the sign said 45 minutes, it ended up being a half hour wait. I could tell it was crowded when I walked in...oh well, thats why we had almost 2 days...


I snapped this one upon entering the park. Turned out pretty nicely.


Here's a nice view of the right front side of the park. I nearly parked in this area, but luckily as I was walking away from my car I noticed the numbers in the parking spots and the cars with stickers in their windows...I wonder what would have happened

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That was one of the best photo trip reports I have seen on Cedar Point. I loved the pictures of Top Thrill Dragster, my favorite coaster! Did you see any roll backs?


Nope. Dragster was running amazingly. Thanks everyone for the comments. Its too bad though, on a lot of the pictures it cut some of my comments off...oh well. I just got back from Holiday World, hopefully I'll post another trip report tomorrow...although I dont think I took enough photos.

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If only they would relocate KK to SanAntonio at SFFT so they could put it on top of the cliff raising it about 200 feet.



Back to the subject,CP looks like a overall great park that i would love to visit.Great pictures keep up the good work.

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