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Late Photo TR: Michigan's Adventure 7-6-08


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Ah Michigan's Adventure, the most lacking park out of all the Cedar Fair chain. Armed with only 1 awesome coaster, 2 (maybe 3) meh coasters, and at least 1 ow my spleen coasters, I should say this park needs some love. While Shivering Timbers is still an awesome ride, packed with airtime and relatively smooth, I still love it. However that's really the parks only good coaster.


I really believe this park could do with one more GOOD coaster, but looking at the surrounding area, it just doesn't look like its going to happen. The nearby city's are struggling to survive and most of the town (and the park for that matter) looks abandoned, and I was there the week after 4th of July. The longest wait I had for any ride was 20 minutes for front row of Thunderhawk running one train. Overall though, I did enjoy myself, and they have a promising water park that still continues to expand. I wish the best to this little ex- family owned park that really deserves some love.


Enough blabbing, onto the pictures... or lack there of!


Didn't take very many pictures so heres the last one. Feel free to make any "Train going into the dark dank hole" joke you want.


Only shot of Wolverine Wildcat for the trip =(, poor thing needs love too. I just noticed I actually got a train in the shot! Me=not fail anymore.


That reminds me! They are currently making a path that runs from Thunderhawk and I believe will exit somewhere near Wolverine Wildcat. All I have to say is thank you!!!!!


Their pathetic excuse for a train ride does have some positive aspects. 1) Good picture opportunities, 2) MUCH better then walking from Shivering Timbers to Thunderhawk (those who have been here know thats a LONG WAY).


wow, I took the exact same shot twice, just ones zoomed in a little more. Me=fail.


Some shots of Shivering Timbers cause we all know your filthy and you love them.


I actually overheard a few people talking about how this looked incredibly similar to the one ride at Geauga Lake, I didn't break the news to them that Geauga Lake is mostly a lake now.


Thunderhawk needs a slogan, something like... "I suck just as much as I did at Geauga Lake!", or "Why?".


Yay for an Arrow Wild Mouse, I still find this one fun, not sure why. *I should be shot for these captions, sorry folks, I got nothing*


Shivering Timbers!...and you thought I meant the scrambler! Sorry about the blurry-ness. My camera=fail.


It calls to me...


First ride, Falling Star. I'm not sure why these are so fun, and one of the very few flat rides I don't loose my kettle corn on, which happens to be crazy delicious here.


Welcome to Michigan's Adventure, please give me a skyline that's not just Shivering Timbers!

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Thunderhawk wasn't rough at all. A little bumpy, but nothing that really stood out to me. ST was a fun ride as well (I went the last week of July), and Wolverine Wildcat was a blast in the front. As for the Kettle Corn, well, that's pretty much amazing.

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Aw, thanks for posting.


Personally, I love that place! It's not the biggest or the best-- but it's not supposed to be, either. Timbers is awesome, the waterpark is like no other and they've got a good collection of fun flats.


Can't wait to visit when I spend a few days in MI in a couple of weeks .

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^Don't get me wrong, I love the place to death as well, it just needs some TLC, and a coaster or 2 couldn't hurt .


^^ and ^^^^

I guess I had a bad experience on Thunderhawk. I remember it being painful at Geauga Lake as well as here. I'm always willing to give it another shot though.

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MiA has come a very long way since my first visit in 1999. And keep in mind that Cedar Fair were not able to do much for a couple years due to having problems with water issuess involving the city.


Like Holiday World, people come to MIA mostly for the waterpark, and thats where they will get their ROI faster.

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My favorite thing at MiA is the back wavepools, the so-called "extreme" wavepools. Some of the craziest that I've been in! Good pictures, good to see Shivering Timbers getting some love. For such a good ride, it doesn't get mentioned just because it's so out of the way for most people to get out there to ride it.


-James Dillaman

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Nice pics and report. It looks like a neat little park to me, and it is definitely on my radar as a place I would like to visit at some point. Shivering Timbers is the main reason why, as that coaster just looks awesome. As for T-hawk, I never really had a problem with it even when it was at GL, although I'm that weird guy who actually as a whole doesn't mind riding SLCs! Did they do any refurbishment to it before installing it at Michigan's Adventure?

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^^ They're definitely putting a path to somewhere in there, I could be wrong on my guess of all the way across to Shivering Timbers though.


^No refurbishment from what I could tell, aside from the obvious painting. The ride felt pretty much the same from when I rode it at GL.

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