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Photo TR: Hersheypark 8-13-08

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So, we'll start off with a picture of the entrance. Pretty. After ninety diabetics in the car, we were so ready to be here.


First stop would be this wonderful thing, so-called "Ferinhiet" by Lindsey. She's the one Matchbox 20 was singing about in that uber-popular song.


She ain't the sharpest tool in the sheeed...anyways, it's amazing how big you can make this thing look.


It's also amazing how the line goes under the low-to-the-ground parts of the ride. Makes for a show, if I do say so myself.


See? Doesn't this make it look really big? (Here, I'll save you the breath: "That's what she said! Like, el oh el.")


Here's Lindsey when she realized how bird-unfriendly this place is. Anyone who's been here knows what I'm talking about.


This here might be the most original shot you've ever seen in your life. No? Do tell. I believe that I'm the only one who's got it.


The lack of motion-blur bothers me here. The train's going somewhere between zero and seventy - it should be blurry!


And, so that it doesn't look like my camera went on a trip alone, here's the other two in the group. Megan's talking, and Steph's just amused.


Because of The Boardwalk, this nice pathway opened that makes Tidal Force looks monstrous. There's also an owl on top of the ride. Who knew?


This might be one of the only rides where a GP member isn't wrong by saying "THE [insertnamehere]." Amazing.


This ride amazed me. The Millenium Flyers made it so smooth last year, and it's already back to being rough.


Not nearly as rough as it was, mind you, but rougher than it should be. It's still a really good, airtime-laden ride. Go it.


Layout shot - look at them GCI curves. This one leads into a little five-foot dip filled with airtime. Love it!


Skipping a few photos, here's the ferris wheel. Unfortunately, we didn't ride it. But it does provide some great views (and picture ops!)


I think that this is the most unique part of a GCI. Every single one has a nice pre-lift of its own. They're fun.


And, because the damn Boardwalk blocks the ride off, here's the only other picture you're getting. This is a very stressful moment, believe me.


Oh, here's that stupid Boarwalk. It's taking out the wettest rapids I've ever been on. There's waterfalls that go over you, not next to you.


It's even wetter than Popeye's at IOA. But nooo, let's just replace it with a lazy river...oh, these two are soul mates. I just needed somewhere to rant.


I cropped this and made it my background. It's beautiful. We're also concerned that foil-covered chocolate has obtained a pilot's license.


But as long as it doesn't crash, we'll turn our heads. Foil-covered pilots and animatronic owls...an odd place, this is.


Vekoma action shot! I wanted to capture facial expressions (of pain!) but it came out as a blur. Now why can't Storm Runner do the same?\


Sidewinder kinda looks tall - and deathly - in this shot. In reality, it is only one of those adjectives. You decide.


The cloud made it a nice picture, but the lightpost kind of ruined it. Either way, it's okay. Deal with it.


Finally! Storm Runner gave me a blur. I love this ride - it seemed to be running even faster over the top hat than before.


This here is more theming than SFA has ever attempted. Amazing. Unfortunately, the ride was closed. We still love it.


Mr. Tree ate Mr. Cobra-Loopy-Thingie (technical term). It really is a nice inversion. Plenty of hangtime, which is followed by ejector airtime.


The top hat sways. Watch it closely, and you'll see. Maybe it's an optical illusion, maybe not. The world may never know.


Anyway, that ejector air is followed by hangtime on both of these inversions. Oh, and I love flying snake dives. They're amazing.


Megan force feeds vending machines - "Eat your nomnomnomnoms!" actually works. You should try it sometime.


Here's the only picture I got of Great Bear. By the time we made it up front, it was getting dark outside. Made for an amazing ride, though.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...just kidding. This'd be where we part, as darkness doesn't make for good pictures. Thanks for reading!

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Hershey's Chocolate Ride

Megan's super excited to be here in the African cocoa-bean jungle. Steph...not so much. She really is happy to be here, I promise.


Singing cows! Whoever decided to put singing cows into a chocolate tour was genius! We love him ever so much.


Not really. He, along with the guy who invented this hot tunnel here, should be shot. They're insane. Neither should be around people. Ever.


Last year, we evacuated out of this door due to some medical emergency. It goes to storage, where the big Christmas wreath is. Awesome!


For those who love Reeses, this is like Nirvana. For those who love Nirvana, this is like Reeses. Does that make sense? Possibly.


When you're all ready to see Kiss Mountain and this is what you get, it's a major letdown. It's almost tear-worthy. Almost.


This cow's name is officially Fatman. because he's fat. And a man - or so I presume by his deep, ax-man voice.


And our picture. We pretended to be on Storm Runner. It worked pretty well. Thanks for reading!

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Nice photoTR, Hersheypark looks pretty cool!


You made some excellent photos and I really love the one where the sun reflects on Wildcat's track! Hmmmmm, GCI curves Wish there were more GCI's around here...


Thanks for sharing!

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Nice, those pictures are really great. I also love the pre-lift on Lightning Racer. When I was their in June, Trailblazer was closed the whole weekend. When I went back a month later, it was opened, and now its closed again. I wonder if their is a serious problem with the ride.

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Trailblazer was closed all day today as well. I hope it reopens. It's a fun ride when there isn't a long line. I also am annoyed about the rapids leaving. That was the main reason we went to the park today, since the ride is closing on Sunday.

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Hershey is far and away my favorite park, and the creativity in these photos really brings out the quality of the park. I was a little disappointed at the distinct lack of Comet Hollow and Minetown photos, but awesome TR just the same!

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Thanks everyone for the comments!


^^I'm just as upset about that as you are. My cousin wouldn't follow my plan (which gets everything done pretty quickly), so by the time we got back there it was 8:30 and near-pitch black. I'm getting a season pass next year and I should be there opening weekend, so you've only got eight months and I'll supply you with plenty of photos from those sections!

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I noticed the "Danger Do Not Enter" picture of the sign, and they actually just stuck them up like 3 weeks after the SFOG incident, and on just about every ride. I counted theres 9 on the pirate, its so great, but then again guest never read signs, I guess they relieve that the ride is in motion, wow there smart...

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