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Falitix X: The Final Stand [NL]

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Here is a call from the FaLitix X plant


My name is Thomas Giles. I would like to request an S.O.S. for the Falitix X plant in Exeter. The super computer is...


The line was cut and no one knows what has happened. Only time will tell.




FALITIX X: The Final Stand

Falitix X.WMV

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No one could have expected it. No one could have predicted it. No one knew what was about to happen.


Thusrday Evening: 6:17pm - The Falitix X plant in Exeter


A routine check up of the computers was the only thing left for Thomas to do and was the easiest thing of they day. After finishing his cup of smooth coffee, he stridded over to his work station to have the final check before he left work for his family. He noticed that one of the main cores was switched off. This was strange, he and no one else had turned it off. But, putting this thought aside, he simply turned it back on again. Then it hit him. Alarm bells went off inside his head. The sirens and lights should have turned on if the core was off! Thomas decided to check all activity of the reactors throughout the day. He found something strange: the core was turned off during everyones lunch break. After thinking to himself for a few moments, Thomas decided to finally drive home. After all, the core was back on and working fine. He grabbed his belongings and headed for the door. Suddenly, the doors shut. Right in front of him. He walked over to the switch to open the door but it would not open. It was locked. Thomas threw his weight against the doors and they still wouldn't budge. What was happening?




Falitix X: The Final Stand

Falitix X 3.WMV

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