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Battle of the Manufacturers

What's your favorite steel coaster manufacturer?  

191 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite steel coaster manufacturer?

    • B&M
    • Intamin
    • Arrow
    • Vekoma
    • Schwarzkopf

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^Lets see how Helix at Liseberg will turn out and how it will compare to Intamin offerings like Cheetah Hunt. But still Intamin will have its airtime machines to offer...


Currently my still active coaster maker is still Intamin while my all.time fav keeps to be Schwarzkopf.

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I will forever miss Arrow. They were forever groundbreaking with:


- first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster ever constructed

- first log flume

- first mine train roller coaster

- first modern roller coaster with inversions

- first roller coaster with 3 inversions

- first roller coaster with 4 inversions

- first modern suspended roller coaster

- first roller coaster with 5 inversions

- first roller coaster with 6 inversions

- first roller coaster with 7 inversions

- first roller coaster to exceed 200ft

- first 4th dimension roller coaster


Yes, they have built some horrid coasters, and some of the worst transitioning I've ever seen (and continued to repeat the same mistakes with their repeated banked track coming into their corkscrews). But the sound of the lift hill and its anti-rollbacks, the rattling, shaking, headbanging, the scaffolding like structure for supports, the groundbreaking achievements and the beautiful track-type have rendered Arrow an unrivaled sense of character achieved by no other designers of steel coasters. For these reasons I will always be an Arrow fan!


Just see the photo I took at SFMM last year...


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^I agree that Arrow is very important in that they paved the way for other companies; it's just a pity that many of their rides haven't aged very well.


I think the best still-operating Arrow is Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood, and the Loch Ness Monster (while a bit clunky) is an iconic ride for Busch Gardens.

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