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Worthwhile coasters in Arizona and/or New Mexico?

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One of my friends is going on a trip to the following cities and was asking about coasters in the area that he might want to hit up. (He's one of my friends that takes coaster trips with me.)


However, I'm not familiar at ALL with these states and the search function on rcdb.com is only sorta helping me. I thought I saw a google map somewhere that had all the parks in rcdb.com as pushpins. Am I dreaming or does something like this really exist?


Here are the cities they're going to:


Albuquerque, NM

Sante Fe, NM

Flagstaff, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Tucson, AZ

El Paso, TX


The only thing I've found that's even close to looking like fun is Cliff's with the New Mexico Rattler.


What do you guys think? Am I missing something, or is Cliff's it? Also, would Cliff's be worth a half day or at least a visit?


Thanks a lot!

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There's also Castles n' Coasters in Phoenix, but it's not worth going much out of your way for, to be honest. Although if he happens to be driving past it on I-17 he should stop for a spin or two on Desert Storm, and credit whore on Patriot.

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Cliff's is a decent park with a real stand-out woodie. New Mexico Rattler is probably in my top-10 wooden coasters. It's great.


As for Castles 'n' Coasters, visit if you're a credit whore. Or if you've never been on an O.D. Hopkins coaster before. That park has two!

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That's pretty much it!!!

Castle's N Coasters in Pheonix

Cliff's in Albuquerque is a fun park!!

and Western Playland here in El Paso!!

I've also been on the kiddie at Oasis Lanes. I had fun!!!


I think I might go to Western Playland now, since I miss riding coasters already!!! It's all I have!!

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I would say you could probably get at least a whole day in at Cliff's. I used to live in Albuquerque and I visited Cliff's quite often, granted I haven't been there since the Rattler went up so I can't say whether the park is as much fun as I remembered it being. It's definitely worth a visit though.

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