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2008 - 2009 School Year


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My school has already started back, but alot have yet to start.


I'm a senior this year! Here's my schedule:


1st - Study Hall

2nd - Spanish III Honors

3rd - English 12

4th - Pre-Calculus Honors

5th - Economics

6th - U.S. Government


What classes are you taking this year and when do you start back?

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I am in the 5th year program working for my MArch at OSU. I start in LATE September. I really admit I wish I were starting a month earlier.


Fall Qtr:

Advanced Architectural Design Studio I

Computer Graphics

Environmental Systems



Winter Qtr:

Studio II

Electrical Systems

Structural Design



Spring Qtr:

Studio Option

Mechanical Systems


Elective (to be determined)


Summer Qtr:


Riding Diamondback at KI

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Going into my senior year at VT!


Fall semester-19 credits


Electrical Theory

Project Engineering and Management

History of the US

World Regions

Senior Design

Materials Handling and Power

Mine Health, Safety, and Risk


Spring Semester-12 Credits (TOTALLY PLANNED!!)


Mineral Deposits

Mining Engineering Leadership Seminar

Mine Reclamation and Environmental Management

Senior Design

Random undecided elective worth 3 credits (Probably Brewology!)

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Starting my senior year of high school Sept. 2. I'm excited because its 12th grade, but I just want it over with so I can graduate!


Term 1

English 12A

Psychology A


Community Outreach


Term 2

Psych. B

English 12B

Ceramics 1B

Digital and Graphic Design


Term 3

Advanced Ceramics


Functions, Statistics, And Trig. A

Visual Communications Art Technology


Term 4

Human Relations


Functions Stats, and Trig. B

Political Science


Hopefully I'll end my high school career on a high note and a smooth transition into college! I didn't come all this way for nothing!

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I started my junior year on the 7th (you lucky people!). If my schedule seems very short, my school does block schedule, where some classes alternate every other day.


My schedule:


1st period - Honors British Literature

2nd period Red - Wind Ensemble (band)

2nd period Blue - Chorale (chorus)

3rd period - AP Biology

4th period - AP United States History


I think next semester, I'm switching out Honors BritLit with Algebra 3 (a.k.a. the easy way out in math).

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Wow, I'm just baffled by how many kids are back in school already. When I was in K-12, we always started one week after Labor Day, and in college, the Fall semester would start the last Thursday or Friday of August.


I'm taking Cultural Anthropology at the community college here, just for s**ts and giggles. Wanted to take a 3D Digital Modeling course to help advance my computer skills here at work, but it wasn't offered this semester.

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I go into year 10 at my school in about 3 weeks today! Going back on a friday is stupid, Why couldn't they push it up to the following monday?!


But for my GCSE's I've chosen Music along with my band and Art because I LOVE drawing and That was the only other subject which appealed to me!

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Lets see here... since my school started doing Trimesters I'm Just posting what classes I'm signed up for, no particular order.


Psychology (two different classes).



AP Euro (or AP European History)

Spanish II



The only ones I dont know are Tech classes which, because of the program I'm in (OSMTech FTW!) will be decided once we go back to school... though I'm trying to remember what my class voted on. There will be two tech classes through the whole year, and those cancel out my Pre-Calc and Physics class for 1 month at a time I believe. Once right before x-mas break and one at the end of the year after the AP students take the AP exam.


P.S I start on September 2nd.

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Well, I start on the first week of september, and I'll be in "terminale STI GMC" (STI GMC would mean in english science and technics of engineer mecanic engineering option C: metallic structure I know this is a quite long name for a diploma, but it's far away easier than the science section!).


And 'cause I'm in terminal, on jun, I'll have to do my exams! (the famous french BAC for those who know what it is^^). This year already, I've done my french, history/geo tests (this diploma is cut in two years) and I succeed quite well with about 16/20 of average (and "good" mention).


I hope I'll do same next year! (and I also hope you' understand what I tried to explain lol, it's not really easy to tell^^)



By the way: good luck for people who learn French at school! It's very difficult, even for us lol (I prefer English and Spanish: it's more style^^)

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My final year at East Carolina University starting Thursday is looking like this:




- Special Education 4010

- Math Education 3067

- History Education 4319

- Middle Grade Education 4010

- Education 4400

- One day a week Student Teaching at E.B. Aycock Middle School





-Math Education 4319

-Full Time Student Teaching at E.B. Aycock Middle School

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