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New park China, Happy Valley Chengdu


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That looks like a very cool park indeed. I cant wait to someday ride a megalite and hope that someday one comes here. Is the vekoma slc extended open? RCDB says it is still under construction. And then commenting off the guy above me, the mine train is called dragon in a snowfield, yet their is an aligator just chillin in anything but now. Oh well, I guess I cant complain when everyother coaster in America is named "boomerang"


Edit: I immediatly take back that last comment. Even though boomerand is a pretty mainstream name, it definitely trumps chimelong paradise. 10 inversion coaster, dive coaster, motorbike launch coaster and family gravity coaster. Wow thanks for that knowledge chimelong, it really informs me of what im getting in to

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^The first Happy Valley only opened with two coasters. (The mine train and SLC) I think they will continue to expand these parks, but at least they are adding bigger and better coasters to their lineup including the Woodie and Dive Machine for the Shanghai park. I think opening with four coasters is actually a good start.

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^where is the thread for the dive machine? I want to talk about that. Is there anything known about this ride right now? Height, immelmans, splashdown? Is it a copy of a layout already built? I want to know more!


There isn't a thread around for the DM alone but i've been adding updates to the Fireball construction thread


. The DM for the Shanghai park looks like a shiekra clone. solid ride but nothing groundbreaking.


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^Hmm, interesting. I would hope that they would change things up and get a new layout but like you said, Sheikra is great so why change it? One point I want to bring up though is that the pictures of the dive coaster at Chimelong were also of SheiKra, yet that turned out to be pretty different. So maybe Sheikra is just the poster child of the dive machine and its just used to get all the roller coasters junkies talking!


Photo is from RCDB.


This sign clearly has pictures of Sheikra on it yet Dive Coaster came out different.

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Hi, this is a cool little site here!


I've been too Chime-Long, Im currently in Chengdu now. I'm also interested in checking out Shenzhen as well as Shanghai when it opens. OTC is killing it! Chime-Long was nice, there water park was very nice! Although I think Chengdu Happy Valley is better. I may check out a few of the rides and shows tomorrow.


one of the shows at the park

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^That ship in the background looks similar to the one in the splash boat picture Elissa posted of Happy Valley Chengdu, so I am assuming that is where it was taken. (In fact, I think you can even see the ramp in the picture.)


I think it is this ship in the background. I wonder if it is a Waterworld ripoff like the Chimelong Paradise show.

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I've noticed that all Happy Valley parks are similar in themes except for Beijing. Beijing seems to be focusing on ancient cultures. For example: Atlantis, Wild Fjord (which is more like nature), Lost Maya, Aegean Harbour, Shangri-La. Ant Kingdom might be the only exception. The only same land Beijing has with the others is Shangri-La (Shanghai will also have an Ant Kingdom, but the artistic rendition shows a more modern and colourful version of it).

Chengdu and Shanghai are more based on the original park, Happy Valley Shenzhen. All three have an entrance plaza, Spanish Square for Shenzhen, and Sunshine Plaza for Chengdu and Shanghai. Both Shenzhen and Chengdu have Magic Castle, and they both have a water park (Playa Maya Water Park for Shenzhen, and Caribbean Storm for Chengdu). Both Shenzhen and Shanghai have Gold Mine Town and Typhoon Bay. All three have Happy Time.

Additionally, Chengdu and Shanghai both have a land themed to local cultures. Chengdu has 巴蜀迷情, which means Bashu Nostalgia or something like that (Bashu is like an ethnic group living in Sichuan region). Shanghai has 上海滩, which is The Bund.

I've also noticed that the two newer Happy Valley parks kind of have the Islands of Adventure layout, which is a giant lake in the middle and rides surrounding it. Although for Chengdu's case, it's more like a lake with a giant island in the middle, and for Shanghai, there's actually another river that separates The Bund section with the rest of the park.

LOL, I think I said too much way too much.

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