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Photo TR: Behemoth/Ravine Flyer Trip

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Day 5, part 3: DelGrosso's


This is it, folks! The final park! And I finished it before the the new year! If that's not an accomplishment, I don't know what is.


So, DelGrosso's. Don't be fooled, this is not an amusement park with good food. This is a restaurant with good amusement. And if you disagree with that statement, the man who owns the park will probably shoot you for saying so, so you best keep your opinion to yourself.


I do not kid. The owner came out and talked to us to give us the history of the park, and it went like this:


"Sauce sauce sauce factory sauce. Sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce my grandfather sauce sauce sauce. Sauce sauce park across the street sauce sauce sauce sauce eggplant parmesan sauce sauce. Oh, and please try our sauce before you go. Sauce."


That's word for word, too. I'm sure Tony has the video tape to prove it.


I can't, in good consciousness, end with a photo of Robb possibly, um, playing with his own wacky worm, so I'll end with this totally innocent shot of people riding up and down on an erect shaft.


(Psssst...there might be a bonus park TR posted sometime in the next week or so. So stick around.)


Robb, I'm almost afraid to ask, but what the heck are you filming yourself doing?


Then again, some people are easily thrilled anyway.


Wow, talk about a rush! What a high to end the trip on!


Of course, we all rode the kiddie coaster, so I don't know what stopped me from trying to ride that whale ride. It's not like I have any shame.


This thing looked incredibly fun for a kiddie ride. I so wish they had a grown-up version.


Oh, the memories. Pardon me, while I dab my eyes.


Given the options, I chose abstinence.


In case you haven't yet noticed, this trip was what I like to call "Lady's Choice."


Okay, I know it's "all about the sauce" or whatever, but some of us really just wanted to get the credits and get out of there. We're not called whores for nothing, you know.


Aww, everyone has someone except Jahan. Oh, and the ride-op. :(


Oooo, wait! I think we have a match!


If you drop some acid and THEN look at this picture, you'll have a pretty good idea of what this ride was like in real life.


These shots do NOT do this ride justice, because this indoor caterpillar was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.


Terrible shot, but I love how the sign frames a trash can.


This is where the magic happens. And yes!.................That's A Saturn!

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Nat, that was a hilarious and fitting end to what was my favorite trip report from the Behemoth/RFII trip! Your last caption had me roll out of my chair laughing. Which, considering I'm at work in my cubicle, certainly raised some eyebrows.


After teasing us with a potential bonus park TR, I want to stand up and start yelling "Encore! Encore!" But again, the looks I'd get at work. Those ingrates!


And, oh yeah, I almost forgot - SAUCE.


Seriously though, great job and some really amazing photos throughout this trip report! Madam, you rock!

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Nice report, I wonder if anyone got any photos of Sauce Man just for the look of madness in his eyes - Delgrosso's seem like the Branch Davidians of sauce.


It's a shame a few of you had to leave, because the East Coast trip was like the sumptuous main course after a very tasty appetiser. I know I only really started to come alive about day 2 of the East Coast, I was just a wreck from jetlag the entire Behemoth trip.


I also hope you get over your fear of flying, so you can fly for future trips.

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Again, I'm left completely and slightly with just a bit of in the background.


Dude. The new avatar is totally and utterly epic! HAHAHA!



BLACKLIT NINJA KITTIE! That ride was so amazing.


Though that last report left me sad . It was awful when you Behemoth guys left .

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^Ahem, sir? May I offer you a lozenge?


Nat, that was a hilarious and fitting end to what was my favorite trip report from the Behemoth/RFII trip!


Thank you! I'd say it was one of my least favorites, but that probably has to do A LOT with the fact that I had to actually take the pictures, sort through them, size them all down, upload them one at a time in some sort of sensible order, rack my brain for some witty, earth shattering captions, not stick my head in the oven when I'd lose the 99% finished report after my computer froze, upload the photos one at a time once more, and then try to remember what the heck I had so wittily* come up with earlier. That's hard work! It's not all knee-slaps and rib-splits on THIS side of the trip report, you know.


Hmm, hope I didn't just spoil the magic for all of you.


Oh, okay. I'm, like, 96% kidding. I love my reports as much as the next guy, I suppose, and I'm glad to hear that so many of you enjoyed my TR. It makes my insides tingle. :}


*Whoa, my world was rocked when the word "wittily" did not get caught by the spell checker. And that was a very unfortunate alliteration in the first half of that sentence. I apologize.


Again, I'm left completely and slightly with just a bit of in the background.


Wow, I never thought I could make a man cover so wide a range of emoticons. Did you hear that clap just now? That was me, self-high-fiving.

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Is is lame that I actually got excited when I saw there was a natatomic update...? Anyway great end to a great TR. & just so you know, we do appreciate all the time & effort that it takes for you to write these very clever TRs.

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Excellent TR, Natalie. I know how much work goes into these things, especially when you're trying to capture a TPR trip. This TR does make me wish I'd gone to Behemoth Bash, but it just wasn't in the cards.

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I was writing this awesome respone to your TR! I even checked out an on line thesaurus so I could be sure to not sound like some sort of idiot saying "great trip report!" But, like many of my long winded publishings that are never seen. It timed out!




So here goes!


Great trip report Nat. (You don't mind being called Nat, do you? If so, sorry.)


Awesome TR!


Very funny!


Looks like you had a great time!


Nice pictures!


Wish I went on a TPR trip.


Girls + Log + Failure = Comedy gold!


Blah, blah, blah! Sorry about your boobs! Sorry about your jaw. Any resolution on that? Oh look! A doggie! Woo Hoo!


Guy "I hate this time out thing." Koepp

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I want to have your babies.




If I don't have a husband and/or kids when I'm 35, I'll give you a call, and maybe we can work something out. We'll have 5 kids and name them Lennox Ford, Lennox Ville, Lennox Town, Lennox Ton, and Lennox Upon Avon. Two will be bleeding-heart liberals, two will be uptight conservatives, and one will be Ralph Nader. Sound like a plan?


Sorry about your jaw. Any resolution on that?


Yes, I now where a sexy, sexy mouthpiece to bed most nights, and my jaw is about 90% back to normal. It still hurts whenever I eat wraps and granola bars though (don't ask me, I don't get it either), so I guess I'm just not allowed to eat healthy stuff anymore, oh darn.


Is is lame that I actually got excited when I saw there was a natatomic update...?


Um, yeah, probably. But on the bright side, you fit in perfectly around here.


And thanks to everyone else for the comments!

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I have no idea what this whoe epic fail thing means, but that's because I'm old and eat crayons..


Nat, what an awesome and fun report! I haven't laughed that much at something online in a long time. The captions had a great dry wit as well, which is esp. resfreshing for me since I live in southern Conn (i.e. the Land of Polish Rednecks...fear hasa new name and its name is Duhh-ski)


I almost made it for this trip and am, very sad that I didn't. You've convinced me though: I have to get my ass in gear and go on a TPR trip.


Thanks for the fun!



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Bonus Day!: Six Flags Mediocre Adventure


The problem is that "bonus" almost makes it sound enjoyable - fantastic, even - and I don't know if our visit to SFGAdv was all that great.


Now, this trip was nearly 3 months ago at this point, and between that and the fact that I'm sure I blocked out some of the most terrible parts, I don't know if I can fully explain what made this day so bad. I know it had a lot to do with our way-overpriced Gold Q-bot acting up, almost every ride breaking down as soon as we decided to ride it (I think 4 coasters were down simultaneously at one point), a fence mutilating my foot (could be an exaggeration, but you be the judge when you see the photo), and one VERY RUDE STAPLE-HAPPY RIDE-OP ON EL TORO (Robbie was the one who experienced that first hand). If there were any other bad moments, I'm sure either Neil, Robbie, or Ben (the other three non-East Coast Trip people I did this park with) will remind me of them.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that SFGAdv bad park. Well, maybe it is, but until I have another chance to visit, I'm just going to give SFGAdv the benefit the doubt and assume that we simply hit the park on an off-day.


BUT! At the very least, El Toro was AMAZING. It took my already-high expectations and completely blew them out of the water with its sheer awesomeness. There's no other wooden coaster like it in North America - not one that comes anywhere close to being this incredible - and if any of you disagree with me on that, well, I'm sorry but YOU AND I CAN NEVER PARTY TOGETHER.


(P.S. I don't have a single picture of ANY of us at the park. Minus one shot of the back of Neil's head. Sorry, guys.)


So, after our rather disappointing day (and there was something about a not-so-good Papa John's experience had by one of the guys that I don't really remember, but it was somehow related to what I'm about to tell you), I decided to stick it to the park and take more than my fair share of free pizza sauce condiments. Yeah. That showed 'em. Bet you didn't realize I had such a deviant side, eh?


Welp, that's it! Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully I'll see some of you next year on the West Coast trip!



Mmmm, I want to eat that first drop.


Blah, blah, blah, sorry this TR is getting progressively more boring as we near the end.


Really, it's the only place to get a good view of Superman.


And here are some shots from the parking lot.


That tree isn't in FRONT of the coaster - it's PART of the coaster. One of the beams never had its roots cut off, and it took to the soil and regrew its branches.


Totally exclusive shot, and I know you're all jealous on my ninja-like skills of getting shots that no one else has ever taken before. Ever.


I had NO idea what was in here, beyond the fact that it was a coaster. At first, I was surprised at how fun it was. Then 5 seconds later, I was surprised that that was it.


But even for us non-PMW enthusiasts, Batman shows no mercy. Or at least the fence in Batman's queue shows no mercy.


My poor, delicate foot. :(


Looks like Batman-related PMW accidents are becoming a nationwide epidemic.


Make sure to note that there are two distinct coasters in this photo. That's the problem with having two coasters with similar color schemes next to each other. That inversion down there would be one helluva neck-snapper on if it really were part of Nitro.


....and this is Batman with an atomic weight of 14.0067.


(Okay, this one was a bit of a stretch. A nerdy stretch, really)


...This is Dangly-feet Batman...


Here's Batman in a Box...


I know it's spelled "Movie World," but actually it's pronounced "Batman Town." You'd be surprised how many people don't know that.



I think this section of the park is called Candyland Land. Maybe.


I don't know about you, but if I were to win a prize, I'd definitely prefer mine to be all moist and moldy. Thank you Six Flags!



Nothing like the coaster-over-the-bathroom shot.


I also got to achieve the N. American Superman trifecta that day. That was pretty cool.


I had such low expectations for Great American Scream Machine that I actually kind of liked it.


Key word: *kinda*


I'm telling you, this coaster taught me how to love again.


Ahhh, El Toro. That's it!


Yep! Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster!




Wrong park.


Know what it is yet?


I know KK seems to be the focal point of the photo, and I suppose it is, but the wood structure to the right deserves to steal the show.


Neil can vouch for how rough this coaster was, because at one point we hit a bump in the track that caused my boobs to lurch into the air and hit me in the face. And I know he saw it because I immediately heard him moan, "AUGH," sympathetically on my behalf. Isn't that right, Neil?



See? Not too shabby.


This *area* of the park, however, had pretty decent theming at least.


This is the only part of Kingda Ka that is better than Top Thrill Dragster. But restraints? Smoothness? Theming? Dragster wins those hands down.


Okay, let's get this 13 seconds of underwhelming record setting over with.


Wait, when did Cedar Fair buy Great Adventure?


First, we sold our kidneys for a Q-bot.

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Nice TR, sorry you had a bad day, if it's any consolation the East Coast trip day was abominable we were reduced to marathoning Dark Knight because that was the only coaster open.


I love that shot from the parking lot of ET, it really captures how insanely steep the drop, it doesn't look real.


Also you are not going to want to party with a lot of the TPR East Coast people, Boulder Dash left us in shock and awe, very unexpected but true.

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I'm sorry to hear that you had a miserable day at 6FMinimal Adv. Unfortunately, I find your criticism more the norm than the occasion. It is really becoming a two coaster park. El Taco & Nitro. If it weren't for the always awesome company I run into at the park, I would skip it entirely. I also found the staff to be quite intolerable, and I too had a bad papa johns experience.


Coincidence? I think not!


Guy "I guess what I'm saying is, it wasn't you." Koepp

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