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Photo TR: Behemoth/Ravine Flyer Trip

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Unless, Jason, you want to cut me in on some of those profits you spoke of so that I can have a Future TPR Trip Fund as well. Maybe, then, we can negotiate a thank or two.


I'll give you at least as good a rate as deviantART. For every $20 I make, I'll forward you 9 cents. Deal?

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Unless, Jason, you want to cut me in on some of those profits you spoke of so that I can have a Future TPR Trip Fund as well. Maybe, then, we can negotiate a thank or two.


I'll give you at least as good a rate as deviantART. For every $20 I make, I'll forward you 9 cents. Deal?

With Natalie-friendly rates like that, however will you make enough money to afford another trip?!


As always, nice pictures and captions, Natalie!

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^No, my last offer was final, but if you accept, maybe I'll send you some brownies or something. As soon as I make enough money to buy the ingredients.


P.S. Whats a "trouper"?? Is that a group trooper? Or a Mixed Trout Grouper fish?


Ahh, good. Someone to point out my spelling errors. That's great. My fragile ego needed another critic. Thanks. I'll be sure to give you a shout out in therapy next week.




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I freaking love log flumes, and out of all of my love for log flumes across the world... I have to say, this way my favorite log flume experience. I managed to keep Jahan's (ermh) member... dry, got Roxanne sick(er)... Tyler rather confused, and Ben... well Ben.


Yay for the $#!Tiest, yet most entertaining log flume ever. I miss you all!



Oh, and Natalie... thanks for the comment about me taking like a man... especially since we all know how manly I truly am!! *Z-Snaps*

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No, my last offer was final, but if you accept, maybe I'll send you some brownies or something.


Woman, last time you sent me baked goods, they were full of raw cream cheese that sat in a hot mail truck for three days and almost killed me!* Or maybe that was pre-emptive... because you KNEW I would come back to profit from your eventual pain!


(*OK, so they didn't really almost kill me. But they probably would have had I eaten them all in one sitting as I originally planned.)


But since you asked nicely (or at least I'm pretending you did):


Candy Sushi



1 box Rice Krispie treats

1 box Fruit Roll-Ups

1 package gummy worms (Twizzlers also work)


Wrap one Rice Krispie treat in Saran Wrap and roll as flat as possible with a rolling pin (the Saran Wrap keeps the treat from sticking to the rolling pin). Place two gummy worms (or Twizzlers) at one of the small ends and roll the Rice Krispie treat around them. Unwrap one Fruit Roll-Up (the plastic film comes off easier if you refrigerate it first) and roll it around the outside of the Rice Krispie treat. Cut into five or six pieces with a serrated knife. Repeat until desired amount of sushi is created. If stacked, separate the sushi with waxed paper to keep candies from sticking together.


Your dime will be in the mail as soon as someone orders the first $20 print.

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I Love Candy Sushi!!!

It was even good a week later!! My friend and I were eating it late at night after hitting the pavement in New York!!


Thanks for the recipe, I might have to do it up soon!!!


I took a chance getting on that log flume! It was the start of the trip so I wouldn't have been sick had I made the proper decision,

But I'll tell you one thing, it sure was worth it!!! I love telling the story of how five of us literally crammed into that log and how completely soaked we were!! For this unacceptable amount of wetness(sickness) - Priceless

That had to have been the best laugh I had(thanks Ben), next to Neil's cramping leg on Tilt-A-Whirl!!!!

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Day 3: Canada's Wonderland


Head. Ache. City.


Aside from Behemoth and maybe Vortex, it's got a really mediocre collection of coasters. Up until this year, it was as though CW was afraid to have one coaster outshine any of the others, so they decided to make them all rank at the same level of general meh-ness.


It's like the socialist of amusement parks.


But what they DO have going for them are some decent flats (Shockwave and Sledge Hammer come to mind) and the fact that it's the prettiest of the former Paramount parks in my opinion. Not that it's the Canadian Disney World, I'm just saying it was way better than, say, a Six Flags.


As for Behemoth? OH. MY. GOSH. I think it ranks as my new number one coaster, even ahead of Apollo's Chariot, Nitro, and MF. First of all, nighttime ERT was almost a religious experience, as the view from the top of the lift hill is nothing but city lights, all 360 degrees around. It was simply stunning (I'm used to there being nothing but forests, and miles and miles of trees can get kind of boring after 22 years). Second, this is the first coaster I've ever been on that I actually got more air time in the FRONT than in the back. The ride literally threw me forward against my restraint, and I couldn't have held myself down if I tried. After my second ride in the front, I labeled it "The Seat of God," and last I checked, it was a term that was unanimously agreed upon.


On to the photos:


Goodnight Canada!


Next up...Marineland


And a Behemoth encore





And as tradition thus far, we'll end with some nighttime shots


And judging by the jaded look on Luke's face, he's had plenty of practice


Don't worry, I hear the first time can be a bit painful...


This is the only photo I got of the coaster (and it's a pretty pathetic one at that), but I think these next two photos will make up for it


Erik is getting a jump start on his reaction, while Josh is in disbelief that girls are actually looking at him for once.


Wild Beast, and THIS was one of the worst coasters of the trip. You know how girls shed the lining of their uterus once a month? Well, I think this one knocked an extra one loose in me.


Hah, I just heard all the boys on the forum gag a little.


I was terribly disappointed with Ghoaster Coaster. I LOVE the clones (they are clones, right?) at Carowinds and KD, but this one was far rougher and seemed to lag in some spots.


This is a terrible shot, what with the building taking up half the frame and all, but it's the best this terrible coaster deserves.


In case you forgot what coaster you were just looking at


(Yeah, that's right. I just ended a sentence with a preposition. I'm the kind of girl who likes to live on the edge. What're you going to do about it? )




In the words of Neil, "I LOVE YOU DIVING HELIX!"


Even God loves Behemoth enough to part the clouds above the lift hill



Coaster paparazzi



This is what I like to call an "up the skirt" shot


No, he wasn't doing an impression, that's just how Dave walks. I mean, he IS British.


One rider was so kind enough to pose for us.


Prepare for a SLEW of Behemoth photos


Behemoth walk back!


Minebuster. Bad, but I've been on worse.




Yes, that's the line for Behemoth way out there in the midway, and all I have to say about that is thank goodness for ERT!


Nothing against Arrow suspended coasters, but it's sad to think that this was the best coaster in the park before Behemoth was built just this year. Still, I did love me some Vortex.


Good thing this photo was taken earlier in the day, because I became a bit bitter towards it when I was told that these weren't the REAL Niagara Falls.


Typical amusement park welcoming pool


You couldn't get this wet if you swam in the ocean. During a hurricane. And wet your pants.




Not exactly a light mist


Then this happens.


It looks like such an innocent Top Spin, doesn't it?




I've seen blue tongues before, but THIS is a level of blue-tongued intensity that I've never seen before and I doubt will ever see again.


Yes, you've seen this sign in everyone else's trip report, but I dare not break that tradition. As for my caption:


Please refrain from any and all Six-Man Hurdles competitions.



Another boomerang credit for the trip. CW is clearly on a mission to give as many guests concussions as possible.


Though you can kind of see it in action here. Also, there's the Fly. That's all you get of that ride too. But really, you should know what a wild mouse looks like by now. Use your imagination.


I actually loved this flat ride and am sorry to say that I didn't get a better shot of it.


Two things:


1. I asked some stranger to take this shot for us, and I made sure that he could fit the sign AND us in the photo from where he was standing, yet did he think to get it? NO! Sir, it stands to reason that if a group of people pose beneath a gigantic sign (behemoth, even! hah!) then more than likely, those people WANT the sign in the picture as well.


2. I grabbed my elbow in this photo which makes absolutely NO sense seeing as how SLCs are almost solely head-bangers, and there really isn't anything to bang your elbows against if you wanted to. My theory is that my brain was so rattled and beaten up, thus making me quite disoriented and befuddled, that I actually thought my elbow was my head. If you've ridden an SLC before, you know this to be TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE.


Sorry, ma'am. No tiny ear ninjas while riding.


Pretty, though, eh? Text book case of looks=deceiving


Their expressions say it all






(Fun fact - did you know that SLC stands for Satan's Love Child?!)


Oh, heaven's to Betsy, the look on their faces can only mean one thing...


Still, it's not every day that you get to ride in a horizontal prison cell.


Well, it should! I mean, look - they've got a sign right there telling you to keep out and not ride the damn thing


Does this photo send shivers down your spine?


A half-empty train? Ahh, the beauty of ERT.


Also, note that Robbie appears to be on the verge of playing with his balls again, only this time, I'm not talking about the ones from Fascination.


Many people don't know this, but Canada's version of Backlot Stunt Coaster is actually wooden. The lift is also powered by a watermill. They're a bit behind the times in Canada.


See how there are only about 10 people walking on the midway? In a perfect world, this is how all my amusement park visits would be.


Neil is one of those people who likes to "freely express himself" through jigs and frolics.


My first non-American amusement park! Look at me spreading my horizons.

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LMAO! What a great update!


I love the caption for Dave. Anyone making fun of Dave is awesome in my book. And LOL at the caption for poor Ryan and his "first time."


And this photo....


Did he drink out of the bus toilet?!?!


Thanks again for posting.



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(Fun fact - did you know that SLC stands for Satan's Love Child?!)


And to think that all this time I thought SLC meant "Satan's Looping Coaster" or "Satanic Lounge Chair." You learn something new every day.


Yet SLCs are so pretty looking . . .

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Ehem... I Believe I said




GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I knew that didn't sound correct, but JEEZ. I just can't do anything right, can I? Excuse me while I take a razor to my wrists. There's far too much pressure in trip report writing, and I OBVIOUSLY CAN'T HANDLE IT.


Now that we have that cleared up, I love your PTRs. Your camera is amazing, and your pictures are great! Next time I see you, I'm going to pull a Tony, only you're not going to get it back. That or I'll just steal 1000 dollars from you to buy me a camera.


Good luck finding $1000 on me. I've currently got a quarter, two nickels, a loose tic tac, and a piece of lint to my name.


It is a nice piece of lint, though.

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Well as always, another great trip report. Oh how I want to go on a TPR trip someday Still, some great pictures in there and some even better captions. I would have to say that you are the only person who regularly makes me laugh while I read your trip reports. Congrats kind of (I'm not really sure if you can congratulate someone for being funny but since when have I been one for sticking with the norm)

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Good luck finding $1000 on me. I've currently got a quarter, two nickels, a loose tic tac, and a piece of lint to my name.


It is a nice piece of lint, though.


Ok, How about I just steal you every time I want some good pictures of something?! I thought we made a good team, I'd use your camera when you were on a ride, snap and go.


GOD i miss this trip.


Edit: YOUR MOM'S A LOOSE TIC TAC! (that was so bad you have to laugh at it!)

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Nice trip report, it was good to see a statue getting some people credits, not so newly gay Dragon Fire statue.


To clear up the confusion, SLC is actually an acronym for a medical term -Severe Lumbar Compression. Vekoma's majority shareholder is the Dutch Chiropractor's association and this another way they perpetuate the need for chiropractors throughout the world.


How do I know? I've been in a relationship with a chiroproctor who should learn how to not talk in her sleep. They are much more cunning than Jon Cryer's character in 2 and a half men (oh no, Pretty in Pink flashback, I'm still bummed Duckie didn't get the girl).


In summary, Canada's Wonderland offered a little pleasure (emo & vortex after the acid it dropped at nightfall) and the rest - pain of varying degrees of intensity.

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^Actually, I think brain surgeons and neurologists would benefit more from SLC sponsorship than chiropractors. Those who perform reconstructive jaw surgery would score, too.


Now, there are a number of woodies and wild mouse rides that would definitely cause spinal misalignments.

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