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Photo and Video TR: Behemoth Tour and More

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I just got home from another awesome TPR trip this morning. Yes, I really had a blast. I was able to meet and hang out riding a bunch of roller coasters with old as well as new friends. We had a 6 hour drive at the very start of the trip where we traveled to Seabreeze which is located in Rochester, New York.....and this is where we shall begin. I will be posting a combination of photos as well as video. In case you have a difficult time watching the embedded video, you can download the video which is found at the bottom of this post.


Also you should use the zoom feature while watching the video in case it looks a bit squished on the left and right-hand sides.


Are you ready for another ride?


We did get a little wet on the log flume.


Since Flyers are my favorite flat ride, I always make sure that I ride them.


Here are the, "Bobselds", which were quite interesting.


I prefer riding backwards.


Next was the Maurer Sohne Spinner, Whirlwind. This was the first time I got to ride one.


And this is what the lifthill looks like.


Jack Rabbit was the very first coaster of the trip.


"Robb Videotapes Something"......check!


First park of the trip, Seabreeze.


I know I am ready.


"You guys ready for Seabreeze?"


Sheesh, people were already sleeping on the trip.


We did go check out Robb's store for a few minutes. No, we did not get a discount.


At least I did get the elusive, "Elissa eats McDonalds Food".


This was my attempt at the, "Dave Wilson Eats Some Horrible Food...And Lives!" credit. But Elissa disqualified it.


I am glad that our bus really stood out from all the rest.


Ok, let us see what I can get.


Elissa Photo Bingo was a big hit on the trip.


U.K. candy really does rock.


Someone just earned his Twinkie credit.


I am happy to report that my lawn mower has been working really well this year.


Seabreeze Video


Seabreeze For Download.

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Elissa Photo Bingo was a big hit on the trip.


Good to know. I'm really happy that people were enjoying the game. And hopefully the instructional video that goes with it. Falafel and I tried to make it entertaining.


Awesome photos and video so far. Looking forward to the next part!



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Overall I thought Seabreeze was a nice a little park.  It certainly was a great was to start the trip with.  The next morning we went over to Darien Lake which I found to be a nice clean park with a good selection of coasters as well as flat rides.  Ride Of Steel was running really well, especially for our afternoon rides.


Notice the log flume water in Roxanne's cup. Yes, this counts as my "An Unacceptable Amount of Wetness" square.


We all got really wet on the Log Flume.


"Butt Stain" should really be a new square for Elissa Photo Bingo.


"Elissa peels the skin from a hotdog." Check!


While I did not have a Dan/Sugar square on my bingo sheet, I went ahead and took this photo....just to make sure.


Thanks for helping me to earn the, "Bar Time!" Bingo square.


Which way is the beer again, Neil?


Vekoma Spooge!


This was the first of four Boomerangs that I rode on this trip.


The second half of the TPR train.


The TPR train.


Motorcoaster was a pretty fun ride, its a good new family addition to the park.  Though the height limit was a bit on the high side.


S as in Steel, not that other thing.


This almost counted as, "We break a coaster" but none of us were on that train.


Hanno actually found a little time to ride something on this trip.


Anyone else think that the coaster station seems to be on the small side for such a big ride?


Ride Of Steel was running really well for our visit, especially in the afternoon.


Darien Lake is another new park credit for me.


I do not think that Brent is aware of the Superman ban in Darien Lake.


Roxanne helped me to earn the, "Breakfast Time!" square.


"Robb Eats Everything" Though the picture kind of came out blurry.


The next morning I was able to score a few points for Elissa Photo Bingo.  This was my first "Bears" square.

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Great pictures! You all look like you had a great time (yet again), I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it on one of the trips soon enough!


Darien Lake's log flume hurt me - I had my arms up and didn't realize how quickly we were going to stop at the end. Maybe the water level was just too high, but we came to a near-stop within two seconds. And in the process, I was thrust forward into the seat divider. Ouch.

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Darien Lake's log flume hurt me - I had my arms up and didn't realize how quickly we were going to stop at the end. Maybe the water level was just too high, but we came to a near-stop within two seconds. And in the process, I was thrust forward into the seat divider. Ouch.


I know that Natalie took an awesome photo that proves your statement. I sure hope that she posts it somewhere.

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I just realized from your Elissa Bingo card picture... I got literally half of those in one day at Behemoth Bash!


Great TR as usual, Erik. Nice to finally meet you in person, if only for like an entire minute out of the day.


Yeah that was cool. I always wish I had more time to hang out with more people during these meets, but we had so much to cover in a day. So many people were really into Elissa Bingo on the trip that I believe there were already 3 winners by the second day.

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^ I had to wait until Marineland to get a real "Bear" square, but by then all the prizes would have been gone. For a real good reason why I liked DL, it was that they had a reduced price Fascination parlor.


Basically this game is like crack for coaster enthusiasts.

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OK here is the Darien Lake Video. It is much in the same style as the Seabreeze video. Just to let you know that these videos are shot in 16:9. Sometimes the embedded video looks like it gets a little squished on the side but you can fix this by watching a zoomed in version by clicking it with the right button on your mouse (after you first press play) and select zoom.


Darien Lake Video.


Darien Lake video for download.

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I did not take many photos from this park, but here are a few random ones. I should note that I was one of the people that was a bit freaked out on the Star Flyer. I think the idea of being swung around in a little chair held up by slim chains bothered me, but I got through it.


Using the water fountain proved to be a challenge, but this counted as my, "Statue Credit!" square.


Silver Comet was my 2nd favorite wooden coaster on the Behemoth trip.


The Log Flume proved to be very wet.


You can see the mist from Niagara Falls as well as Marineland's drop tower from the top.


We all rode the Ferris Wheel.


I think the Full Tilt ride took a few people off guard.


Another square for Elissa Photo Bingo, "Hanno Takes a Picture!"


It sure was addicting.


"I Got IT!" was a fascination type game where you threw the balls into a basket instead of rolling them.


The Crazy Mouse had a difficult time being crazy. I think we spun a total of one time on our ride.


This was taken in case you wondered what the admission ticket looked like.

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After finishing our evening with ERT on the Silver Comet we had our long drive across the border into Canada. The next day was the Behemoth Bash at Canada's Wonderland. I have to admit that I was not feeling very well that day, so sorry for a real lack of photos/video from the event. Anyways onto the next section: Canada's Wonderland.


And here is my really poor attempt at a nighttime shot of the mountain.


This would be the 2nd Boomerang I rode on the trip.


"Ummm....how much taller is this than Tatsu?"


I really would have liked to do the shooting dark ride, but the line was really long.


Ghostin' Coastin'


How is it going Kim?


Its almost a TPR takeover on two different trains.


Just hanging out on the Scooby Doo coaster.


It looks like South Park got it right. Canadians really do look like this.


So are you ready to ride this Neil?


Oh dear, its a Togo Stand Up.


Random bird.


Like everyone else I had my doubts about this coaster, boy was I ever wrong. It was a real surprise on the trip.


Check out the spiral staircase on the helix.


There is a lot of floaty airtime over these hills.


The coaster really has a super tight overbank.


We had a Behemoth walkback as part of the Behemoth Bash event.


I really do like these trains.


At this park, its all about Behemoth. It is now my favorite B&M Hyper.


Theses riders simply got drenched while riding the top scan...the video is coming soon.


Everyone took a photo of this.


I don't recall ever seeing Icee Bits before...I guess its like Dippin' Dots.


"Look, its Canadian Money!!!"


We found Flight Deck to simply be awful. So I made sure and picked up a shirt later in the day.


We had Behemoth, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Time Warp, and this Frisbee for morning ERT.


Looks like we made it! It is probably the nicest looking former Paramount park I have been to.

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No love for Wild Beast Erik?


NO! While better than Son of Beast, The Wild Beast is very close to the bottom of my list. I actually was not feeling that great even before The Time Warp, but it certainly did not help my condition. Thanks for posting that picture.


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