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JZ and Jared's Epic Diamondback Adventure!

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Hey guys!


So as you all probably know, KI released information on their newest B&M creation, Diamondback. But what you all don't know, is all the crazyness that went on that day!


Check out this photo (and maybe video) trip report of 8/06/08!!!


Oh, and a big thanks to the one and only WES! for the awesome idea that is LSHoF!!!


They start off with this special day with a parade from ecology! Yay!


We headed to the Crypt and got not only the first ride, but the only riders on it....it's a different cycle every time! So then we headed to Firehawk.


After that, we headed on over to Adventure Express, where Adam (TopGun1993) was held in the station for questioning. The Indiana Jones music CD player is broken, and he's suspect!!!


After many more rides, lunch, we camp out and wait! Cool cowboys waiting outside.


He must be texting the news to a friend. Right?


This is our view of the area for the press release!


We are the Official Unofficial TPR!


You know what's up. It's like being a celebrity.


....Theme Park Adventure?


The Don. He brings good news.


Bad news...LSHoF isn't the coaster. I don't get it!


Hmm...are those trees real or fake?


Mm...large, fast, ravine drop...


The stats.


The specs.



More to come!

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Its about time you posted this, JACK. I like how I'm the least photogenic person in the world. All the shots of me make me look like a retard. Also, I love all the random coaster clubs we never heard of. Especially Theme Park Adventure (apparently their a magazine)

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So, there's more to come from the press release...but there's still more LSHoF taking over KI!


Here's that awesome Coaster Dynamix model...it's now on display in the front of the park.


While they were unveiling the coaster...they took down the sign infront of Diamondback. They were there all along!


Grrr I'm some dead guy in the Crypt, the ride has nothing to do with what's going on right now.....BUT IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!


OMG....could it be....is it...




It may be Deathbat, but it sure as hell isn't LSHoF.


"Well, since you're on fire...you need the water splash to cool you down!"

After some Crypt kickassery, it's time for a construction update.


Insert station.


Then, we headed over to the Beast! The final helix is over the Beast's entrance/side of Crypt, and they've taken out a small section of the queue and put in this...




Ohhh, so that's where the Beast has been 'lurking'


Oh, how nice.


Three trains on the world's longest wooden roller coaster in one picture....BAD!


For just TWENTY bucks, you can give up your individuality!







You think LSHoF will be lost that easy like 'aquatrax'?













Think again...










Now THAT is more like it!


Hey Robb!


WOOOSH! LSHoF is blown by Intamin....but still stands up!


Later, Flight Deck toppled over due to intense exposure to LASERS.


...LASERS?!!! Oh no! It's LSHoF!!! (Hey Mitch )


Did we just die? Oh crap, we are in hell....stuck on SOB...IN THE SUN!


And we sat...


But we survived because Link saved the day! Everyone wave to Link for being awesome!


Later, SOB spontaneously combusted for unknown reasons. TPR is suspect, for some reason.


On over at the Diamondback site, there's more press and coaster stuff!


OMG virtual POV! You see that? 74 DEGREES!!!


It's News...Plus Notes! Behind the scenes!



Thanks again to Wes, TPR, Jared, Link, Andrew, news channels, KI, and all those readers out there! Sign up!


And Gary, if you're reading...Congrats on the big 15!!!!


-J "Thanks again everyone" Z


Thanks, Andrew! (NPN)

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Just for the record, I only got that Diamondback shirt so I could rub it in peoples faces that I called the name and location years ago.



Anyways, Deathbat=awesomeness. Definately my favorite non-coaster, and a must hit if you ever go to KI. However, it does try to neuter riders, so...Also, I want to go back and get those glasses. They gave me laser vision, and helped me melt Son of Beast

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Nice TR Jack (as Jared's already said). I found that pretty weird. Nice pictures. I'm glad to here the Crypt hasn't changed the program yet. That thing is freakin' insane.


If I didn't have to leave 2 days before the stupid announcement I could of been there with you guys.


Well I hope to see you next year when I go up there to ride that ride that Jared completely predicted before anyone really knew anything about it.


And what was with the stacking on the Beast? I've never seen it like that.

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TPA (Theme Park Adventure) has been around for years upon years of amusement coverage. They started out in the early nineties I think.. mainly covering Knott's Halloween Haunt. They still do Haunt coverage (very well, even though it's hard for them to get consistent updates) but have slowly expanded to covering more and more of the amusement side of the industry.


Currently, they're doing work covering the 2008 Haunt build. Their more recent stories include the Simpson's Ride and the USH fire. They've got cool stuff, check 'em out!

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Here's my report from the other day! D40 Style!


Kings Island just wants to tell the whoooollleeee world.


It was a nice evening. Kind of cool, and sunny.


After riding Batman, this loop is still pretty darn good.


Drop Tower beckons, but I'm headed to the Eiffel Tower for some shots from the sky.


No, this isn't a pic of SoB....look beyond that...


That tinge of red is from anal fissures from riders not in the front seat.




Just incase you went all Jason Bourne.


What could give Vekoma Flyers the edge over B&M.


The east side of Action Zone.


Wait for it...


Upon release!


The red...


Into the green!


Backlot's helix is very underrated.


Speaking of underrated...


Try the Red Racer in the front seat...it's awesome! Blue SUCKS!


You'll see more of these guys later!


Some lift hill supports....they are MASSIVE!


A look see on the station/brake run.


And the rest of it.


The water splash and construction in the woods.


Some new footers and such wayyy back there.


Some close ups of the track.


Some more stuff...maybe like, the walk path?


Looks like a transfer track to me.


Told you that you would see them again


A close up.


Some more track by Firehawk. It looks like brake run stuff, coming in and out of it as well.


Stuff behind the Crypt.


Back down to Earth! Anyone know where this is?




Some more track and stuff. Also, my 300th D40 pic


Brake porn


Casey, I needed your help!


New B&M brakes.


More of the track/support site.


Sexy brake run shot...


Umm....ugly Premier...


It does work well with the ride, though.


My favorite shot of the day


Cedar Fair and KI together.


You pick which one you like better.


Red > Blue.....EVERY time.


Hmm....I think Vekoma has the edge when it comes to the ride.


Mmm...first drop madness!




Jahan, it looks like you got a bit lost in Behemoth recently...this one's for you! Come back to Arrow!



More to come!


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Mmmmm, Vortex....



I'm suprised how Racer has changed over the season. Earlier, blue always won, but now its red (like I mind, Red's my fave anyways). Still, KI is really shaping up this season between Diamondback, Crypt's epicness, Vortex still being there, Racer, and just the fact that its ALWAYS crowded when I go this year. Hopefully I'll get in another trip next week before I go back to Huntington...



Well, either that or another CP/Indiana trip.

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And....back to Kings Island! Go ahead, give Arrow a hug.


And on to their newest creation. Started June 30th, 2006!


Something is going up or down.


A look at these.


I'm digging my way to the Olympics.


Anyone else prefer pre-drop stuff?


Hey, Arrow!


Just some good stuff right there.


I think KI really rushed to create this scene. Most of the plants were in the black plastic pot thing, not really covered up.


I think I just wet myself.

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How about a trip to Action Zone?


No, not a trip to hell. I said Action Zone.


Okay, the sky works. But that's what Drop Tower looks like wayyy up there.


You can see the difference between the new and old seats...CLEARLY.


Dude! You NEVER go full retard!


Either someone just farted....or OMG, JIM CARREY!


False alarm...just a fart!


It may be easy going up...


But going down....


Is something ELSE!


This might qualify as porn.


Let's get back in line!


X marks the spot?


Laser Snake Horse on Fire has successfully lasered SoB. SCORE!






PURE freefall!


Kings Island has nice Vekomas.


Grr...the sky is too far away to kick!


Let's go for the ground! Wait a second...


And then there were none!


Except for this nerd



Thanks for reading guys!


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