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Holiday World to announces 2009 Addition on 8/26

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According to the blog entry on HW's Twitter just a few moments ago...


I'm heading down to the site now. Here's an bonus piece of info. The alliteration? The letter is "P."


I'm pretty sure that means it's a safe bet that it'll be called Pilgrims' Plunge... then again... maybe not...

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Tweet Tweet! Get your phone ready! It's coming! I dunno what it is! BUT IT'S COMING! OMG! I gone insane... I'm going in circle to make sure I have 4 BARS for the next hour...


Okay I'm not that insane... I have four bars... So I'm good to go and ready to jump like a kanagroo when it comes!


IT'S A TALLEST WATER RIDE!!!!>.. Just got it when I typed this! WHOO HOO!

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Straight from HolidayWorld...


Holiday World announces Pilgrims' Plunge:








Pilgrims Plunge Facts


TOWER HEIGHT: 165 feet


DROP: 131 feet, 45-degree angle

SPLASH ZONE: Wall of water 90' wide and 45' tall

BOATS: Five 10-passenger boats

TOP SPEED: 50+ mph

RIDE TIME: 2 minutes, 40 seconds

DUAL ENTRY: Board from Holiday World or Splashin' Safari

WORLD RECORD: World's Tallest Water Ride

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OMG it's 11.15 and they STILL haven't updated the homepage! This is like Kings Island all over again!



CENTRAL TIME. We still have 35 more minutes. Chill out.


Yes, I forgot about the time zone thing. But the crazy impatience tone was exaggerated.


This thing looks good though. Well done, Holiday World

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I'm a little disappointed in the overall placement of the ride. Flume rides like this are great opportunities for midway interaction and it looks like they completely missed the boat (pun intended) on placement. Let's face it, this thing is a monster ride. There will be a fair share of people not riding either because it's too tall or too wet. So, why not allow the onlookers a prime view of the splash zone? Maybe even a little area parallel with the splash zone that gets the midway a little wet? From the looks of the renderings, the midway is separated from the splash zone by the station, some grass (possibly trees) and the return ride trough.


Personally, I would have mirrored the ride so the station and return ride trough were on the opposite side so the midway could have approached right next to the splash zone. This would have allowed great views of the splash down and an opportunity to get a "little" wet if you wanted to by standing as close or as far from the splash as you wanted.


Don't get me wrong, I think the ride itself looks awesome. But, I think a little more thought into the actual placement of the ride and the interaction of the non-riding guests with the ride could have gone a long way to making the ride even better. That's what I love so much about Top Thrill Dragster. I think what CP did with the placement of the ride and viewing areas makes a ride fun for even people that will never ride it.


As far as the evac goes, it's probably just a simple engineering trick. Since the boat going up weighs more than the empty sled going down, I'm sure they can reverse the lift and just let it coast to the ground on its own. That is, if the sleds are on a cable loop or something like that. So, basically, the heavy sled/boat with people coasts to the ground while the empty sled rises up because of the weight of the other side. Basically a natural counter-weight. Isn't this sorta how the S&S towers work if they need to be evacuated? They can just let them coast to the ground?

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I was definitely leaning away from a steel coaster as like others have said it doesn't really fit HW's image. I think Pilgrims Plunge fits right in perfectly. And I agree the lift definitely looks scary. Probably scarier than the actual drop.


I don't quite get how a steel coaster doesn't fit the parks image, but a giant 160 foot tall steel flume ride does? The ride sounds interesting, but it sure does seem to stick out even more then a steel coaster would.

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