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Holiday World to announces 2009 Addition on 8/26

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2. Maybe some type of new style of a lift for a new slide tower. Hmmm...I have no clue otherwise...


There's always that odd, odd UFO-themed slide tower, where a water curtain falls to disguise the loading dock being pushed upwards. Once it's at the top, it revolves until everyone's headed down a slide, and then goes back down to pick more people up. It's a pretty neat concept...but I'm still leaning towards a coaster.

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I'm really hoping it's Deja Vu now. That would be a really good addition to the park if they could get it running properly. It's also very cheap; Silverwood only spent $3 million for it.



"Really tall", "dropping"

"It gave me such a lift to finally 'get it.'"

vertical lift hills


"I mean the ride type has been around a long time"

it's 7 years old.


"In the back."

it actually has a back row, and it might be a hint to the fact that it goes backwards


"There's just a new way of getting from here to there that I finally understand."

The shuttle concept and riding backwards


"In case you don't recognize the dad's legs, let's zoom out to get a look at this stately fellow."..."Let's zoom out even more so you can see how Korey's almost as tall as the Holidog statue."

stately: being transported from another state

and standing "almost as tall" as the Voyage?


"Too bad the name is already taken

...or I think we'd need to consider the name 'Vertigo' for our new ride."

It's vertical


"Tallest in the world"

I think it is the tallest lift hill-powered shuttle coaster.


They have only budgeted $8.4 million, $5.1 million less than last season, yet still hinting that the new ride will stand almost as tall as the Voyage. Deja Vu seems to fit these clues very well.


There are probably a lot more clues that I have missed, which probably lead in a completely different direction

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But Deja Vu is taller than Voyage. A flaw in your logic!


I thought the top of the Voyage's lift was a little bit higher up the hill from that area with the construction markers. Deja Vu might be lower down then, but it's hard to tell from pictures because of all the trees.


Maybe it will be a taller Wicked Twister

Wicked Twister was $9 million, and I think the price of steel has gone up since then.


I'm going to stop guessing now. I think I can wait 6 more days


I guess all of the clues can really only point to one thing, though; a new Pepsi Oasis stand

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Last time I talked to Paula, she had said that Holiday World wouldn't put in a large steel coaster, as it isn't a ride the family can enjoy together. I think if it is a coaster, it'll be a wooden coaster. If it isn't, then less than 5 years after that was said, they'd already be going back on their "philosophy."


-James Dillaman

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According to Paula's latest post on the Holiblog, apparently their twitter page will be the place to go for the latest info on Tuesday (it is easily accessible on the right side of the Holiblog page). The "loyal followers of twitter" will be the first to get the scoop on what is being added. She also mentions (on twitter) that there will be four videos. With that many videos, it's either going to be multiple rides or a roller coaster. I can't imagine 4 videos for just a water ride or something like that. We'll all find out in a few days!


I guess it's time now for me to log an official guess - I'm going with a custom Eurofighter, about 125-150 feet in height. They're family friendly enough (heck, Mall of America has one), and it would be a great steel complement to their dynamic wooden trio! Of course, come Tuesday I will likely find out how dead wrong that guess is!!

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I have so many ideas running through my mind as to what this coaster could be. Understanding that news sites don't always have their facts straight, after a simple google search, I discovered this article. www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?ID=31135

It states that it will be the tallest of its kind. I feel that would eliminate a wooden coaster. Dejavu definitely would apply, but I guess now I am pulling for a eurofighter.

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I'm going to guess a turkey themed Huss Topple Tower. The latest Holiblog post about a bird swooping down to devour a chicken leg that had been thrown near Paula's car instantly made me think of the Topple Towers that have the weird bird head mounted on the top. The ride seems like it would be a pretty good fit at Holiday World. They look very family friendly!

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