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The Name For Carowinds' Boomerang Coaster

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I'm going with Cobra or King Cobra.

I agree and since I do not have this credit I will have to go and check it out.


Does anyone technically have a ride credit for this coaster since it will count as a new coaster b/c it won't be Head Spin at Geauga?


Are we sleeping on the Asian characters on the teaser 'shipping crate' found in the front of the park? Is it a clue that it will be named after some Asian reptile, since it says, Warning Live Reptiles?


Since I can't think of any Asian reptiles other than dragons or Godzilla, which aren't actually real, I think Steel Venom is a good guess since they own the name.

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Chinese letters are on the crate so I dunno.One thing that may make sense though, we keep getting Aussie themed stuff, why not go with the Aussie snake called a Tiapan? Paint the train or track green and supports white. Then upgrade the trains to look snake'ish, adding to this give it "Seatbelts"

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As for the coaster itself… one of our spies has sent in what is said to be the new official name for the coaster… “Carolina Cobra”. Ummm… okay… that might take some getting used to. It just doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue. Can’t we just go back to using King Cobra instead?


huh? "Carolina Cobra" is a retarted name King Cobra is a way better name than that....

.... oh and there are no 'Cobras' in the Carolinas, DUH!

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