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I am not sure if this has been a topic here or not, but I would like to try to guess the name of Carowinds' Boomerang. I think it will either be called Moccasin or Cottonmouth. With Cedar Fair possible going with a reptile name for the ride, either of these names make sense. The cottonmouth, or moccasin is common in the south and the coaster will be built very close to the water park. I may not be right, but I think my guess is pretty good. I also think these names are good names for a coaster.

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They could name it Head Spin, and use all the old signage. I see that as a definite possibility.


I still can't believe that Carowinds got yet ANOTHER used Vekoma, under different ownership. That has to be a record.

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I'm guessing "The Ride of Boomerang: The Ride"


I'll also guess Headspin. Or maybe "Headspin, ache, and crackle: The Ride"

I'm sure they'll use the same signs and all.

Was Headspin any good compared to the other Boomerangs?"



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