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NEWS: Lego sells off their parks to Blackstone

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I'm actually surprised no one commented on this, but I think with the announcement from HW, I can see how this got overlooked.


IMO, this is pretty big news. I mean, does anyone know much about this company?


I know I've been to the London Dungeon, and it wasn't crap, but are they capable of running 4 very well themed parks?


And did London Dungeon add a dark ride at some point recently? I thought the last time I was there I remembered seeing an advertizement for a dark ride.


Any thoughts on this?



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An article in a Danish newspaper (Børsen 15/7/05), claims that Blackstone will not be satisfied with Legoland 'only' being Denmark's 3rd most popular tourist attraction with 'only' 1.530.000 visitors a year (after 1. Tivoli with 4.316.000 and 2. Bakken with 2.500.000 visitors), and the director of Legoland Billund (Denmark) promises major investments in the future, and reveals that they will try to entice more visitors by opening one or more new attractions already for the 2006 season...


This article is linked to another article describing how Tivoli and Faarup Sommerland have had major increase in visiting numbers since investing in major rollercoasters (Dæmonen for Tivoli/Falken for Faarup)...


Could we posibly see a major coaster at Legoland in the near future?


Surely this will be the same case for California, Windsor and Germany.[/b]

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