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Extreme Terror Rides

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It's been a while since there has been a new show on coasters but it looks like a new one is premiering tonight on the Travel Channel.


Catch Extreme Terror Rides tonight at 9:00 eastern.


From the Travel Channel's Website:

Think you've been on some extreme rides? The Travel Channel has the list of some oldies, newbies and some rides not even open to the public yet. Join us, as we get VIP access to America's "Extreme Terror Rides."

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Favorite quote so far, "when you go up on that thingy", for Fahrenheit, lol. Also did you notice he called the Norwegian Loop a barrel roll, the Hershey employee. I've notice a bunch of inaccurate stuff on the show, even from the background voice guy.

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Well I don't expect them to know, most of this was filmed with selected people before the parks opened anyways. When its from the experts, its a little annoying. I just thought that quote was funny from the kid, thats all. Your right though, its just little things. Also isn't Steel Hawg the steepest drop, or are people still considering that a inversion.

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