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Tripreport Efteling

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I thought it was a good idea to post a Efteling Tripreport on ThemeParkReview ´cause Elissa & Robb skipped the Efteling. Yesterday was a relax, hot and fun trip to the Efteling. No more talking, just the pictures. We where with a small group off 3 people.




































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Nice pics, especially the one with the woman standing in the rapid ride. That reminded me of my trip about 2 months ago (Photo TR in the archive) when we were stuck at exactly this place for around 10mins or so until another boat bumped into ours^^

Efteling is really a nice place and I definitely will visit it again after the new water-coaster opened.

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Question! Did you go on Villa Volta?


Yes, I always ride Villa Volta when I´m there. It really is a good madhouse!


And hard to navigate, that´s true. When you visit the Efteling you reason can´t be coasters only, in that case you will be disappointed. You must go for a few simple coasters, beautifull scenery and high quality other kind of rides.


And and I can´t wait untill the new KumBak trains are operating on the Python. [ Vekoma Double Loop & Corkscrew ]

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