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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^Well technically, not really. The front and back of the train experience the greatest range of forces, whereas the middle has a slightly smaller range. The back may have more airtime on certain elements though such as the first drop or a drop off a MCBR, but generally the front and back will experience a very similar amount of airtime on a typical hill (assuming it's symmetrical), just on opposite sides of the hill. The front on the upward side, the back on the downward.

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I am so jealous, this looks only about 20 times better than Behemoth, and if the ride runs like that in the summer... You guys are in for a treat!


And as a side note, people who do not enjoy the look of the new train design will soon appreciate it after their first ride!

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I've also noticed that in the front you experience greater positive G's. On a helix or quick turn, the front is where you get the most force. At least in my ride experiences


Actually, you do.

Noticed that while playing NoLimits

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I took a look at the webcam earlier and noticed that they were using the transfer track and then it cut out for the rest of the day. however, I have just looked again and caught a glimpse of a train on the lift. I know we all know it is testing, I just thought it was cool, and I would show you guys. Also, it seems the splashdown is now filled up!


Yep, testing goodness!

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This might have been mentioned, but is it possible they are just removing dummies gradually until they test with empty trains?


I assume they load them down at first and then drop all the weight to see if it makes it, which from the looks of it won't be an issue.

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