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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Im just excited to be going to parks again! That I can put my CF platinum pass to use, get to move beyond the 2 towns that have been my life the past year! Been wanting to get back to KI since I went in 2018? God I dont even remember ha 
Speaking of....I see the KI FastLane is now on sale. 

OK so on normal days, what crowds would be expected on a weekday in Early June/are schools out? Last time park was quiet, no need for a FastLane but ya know...things are a little weird these days. I dont think I'm gunna pull the trigger on it, but is tempting. 

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It looks like reservations only need to be made for Soak City.  Can anyone else verify this, or am I staring at something and completely missing it?   

Made my CP reservation earlier, trying to get in to make a Carowinds reservation now.  It says there is "over an hour wait".  Can we use our season long FastLane to jump this line?  🙃


Edit: just saw it on the website that it's only for SC.  My apologies for being a dumb old man...


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A nice touch.  I guess the wooden block-style logos that made up the originals would've been too much (and a return to buzz-bars and skid brakes, LOL), but still a nice touch.  Nostalgia is always good.

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This Saturday the 8th? It's pass-holders only so not likely to be too bad.

Next Saturday the 15th?  Weather Channel is calling for 73 degrees and partly cloudy.  I'd say it'll probably be a mess, between new employees, early-season bugs, crowds of people eager to get out and do something now that they're vaccinated, perfect amusement park weather....yeah, likely a mess.  Better splurge for that FL+.

I'll be there the evening of the 14th and all day on the 15th myself, but I've got a Platinum Pass with the All-Season FL+ so I'm not worried.

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