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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Orion got used by the NIMBYs to start complaining about noise again...




Orion's rails were sand-filled from fabrication, but now they're going to be working on a project to add sand into Diamondback's spine in some areas of the ride.

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What if laws were on the books that they couldn't exceed certain levels and then they did? What if that was starting to decrease your property value? Even if the homeowner didn't care about the noise, I bet they care about their home value.

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I moved next to a park. I didn't bank on the park installing lights on the baseball diamonds, but they did. I can guarantee that the noise from the ball diamonds, sometimes until 10pm, make more noise than allowed within the guidelines of our township ordinances. But, I made the decision to move next to the park. There are hundreds of children who enjoy playing into the evening, yet there is only my wife and I who are inconvenienced. I was smart enough to anticipate that although I chose to live next to a park, things may happen for the greater good that are outside of my control but are not completely unreasonable. I can't even imagine having the thought process of living next to a theme park without thinking about the short term and potential long-term consequences of noise.


It's like living next to an airport and complaining that they added a new runway. Or, knowingly purchasing a home on a main roadway and complaining about the addition of another traffic lane. In my opinion, the only people who have any reasonable grounds to complain are the very few who built their homes prior to the theme park construction. Even then, I'm sure there was a city council vote to approve the construction of the noisy park. That would have been the time to press the issue.


People will find a way to make sure they're living in a perfect world, no matter how many thousands of other people are effected. The residents of the community I work for would gladly take a little extra noise for the added tax revenue.


I'd also like to see these 'rattling windows.'

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My opinion on this, especially as some of these closer neighborhoods seem to be new construction is SOL. I'm sorry, it's just ignorant to buy a house near a park, especially as that was probably a selling point and then complain.


I do think they cities can help by creating building codes for new construction near the park that couple eliminate some of the noise by using better sound dampening insulation or windows. I know when Hopkins added a new runway in CLE part of the deal was upgrading thousands of houses with appropriate windows. Not suggesting the park do that, but make those windows, or similar be mandatory on new construction within X miles of the park.

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I know this park can get gnarly. How bad can I expect crowds to be on a Sat in early June?

If bad, is it reasonable with a fast pass?


Doubtful. The locals and those within the tri state area will be showing up all day every day to see Orion. They gave updates on the local news weekly! My grandmother would give me a construction update every Monday!

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