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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Get over it man.  You've made your point and we get it; it's silly that this park did not do a Winterfest-lite.  Make the 8 hour drive to KD if you want to experience that, just like all of us with KD

My visit this past weekend was great, even with Saturday being very busy and me missing out on FL until Sunday.    I went into Orion not having followed its construction or watched a POV or even

At the risk of veering off topic, people are just incredibly selective in what causes of death they choose to care about. People only care if it's high-profile, tragic accident, something new and scar

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Winterfest map and information has been released.


Very impressive list. Just a question, not a complaint...Mystic timbers is a great ride, but I wonder why they chose to run it over the beast?


MT is more popular. Just walking around the park it seems like the half the GP is talking about the shed or MT in general.


Although with daylight saving time it would be nice to have Beast open. Night rides at 6pm!

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MT is also highly more visible than Beast. Do they shine any Christmas colored lights on the structure like they do with American Thunder?

I didn't notice Christmas lights on it last year, but the holiday-themed train experience goes around and under Mystic Timbers. There were also a few Christmas decorations in the shed.


One of these years maybe they'll change the shed to be more Christmas themed. Have a Christmas song play and maybe an abominable snowman or something for the shed video.


Wonder if Flight of Fear will be any different this year as well? I also would love to see Banshee or Diamondback open one of these years but I wonder if it gets too cold for KI to want to run them? Although Nitro would beg to differ...

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Being so new and much shorter in length, I presume MT requires a lot less off-season maintenance than Beast.


Aside from location and visibility, I think this is the main reason. We all know how much work Kings Island does on the Beast every off-season, both to the trains and the track. A new, well-designed GCI likely involves much less work, at least for now. We'll see what happens several years down the line.

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Just a question, not a complaint...Mystic timbers is a great ride, but I wonder why they chose to run it over the beast?

If I had to guess I would bet that beast doesn't run because of potential snowfall. There are spots where trees are overhead and then you have the risk of snow falling off of a tree and hitting a rider. Also looking at a pov there is the tunnel out in the woods that looks like it could fill up easily with snow and would be difficult to clean out.

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I'd look back to last December in the thread, but I remember some saying they had multiple re-rides without a problem. The event isn't catered to thrill seekers, so I would imagine the wait wouldn't be terrible.

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^^On fair-weather Sundays, the line generally peaks at about 45 minutes, but it'll be <5 minutes after 9 PM. I can't speak for Saturdays, but there were reports of much larger crowds.

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Fridays and Sundays were around 30-45 minutes at the worst on a good weather day. They also offer a single rider line those days. If the weather is good on a Saturday I've heard waits were hovering close to 2 hours and no single rider line on Saturdays. But as stated in a previous post, the line dies down about an hour before closing.


If you get there at opening I'd plan to head straight to mystic, enjoy the lights for a couple hours, then head back close to closing for a few extra rides.

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We were able to visit kings island for the opening night of winterfest. The crowds were heavy(and that's a good thing). At one point, mystic timbers had over an hour fifteen wait.


It seems that they added here lights this year, along with decor. A few highlights...


Lights....there were more lights this year.

Weather...it was in the low 50's.

Shows and entertainment...top notch.

Rides...several more were open this year.

The overall ambience of the park was very emercive.

Firehawk has not been touched.


The only cons....

Prices...prices were a bit steep for certain items. It was $7 for a blue hot chocolate.


The reds dinner...The food was decent(the ham was amazing), but items kept running out and were not replenished for quite a while.


The hot chocolate mugs. Last year we spent over $60 on 3 hot chocolate mugs. This year you have to purchase all new mugs. They do not offer the $5 reactivation option or $1 refills on last years mugs. The mugs this year are identical to last years, but have a blue cap instead of a white cap. Last year we may have refilled them maybe 3 or 4 times tops. I just cant justify the cost of this.


Here are a few shots I took..









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I took my first trip ever to Winterfest on Friday night. It's a fantastic event, the park is beautiful! I managed to be on the first train on FOF. I only took one or two pictures, neither turned out very well. We only rode FOF once, we rode Mystic twice. Once we went to the regular line for Mystic, which was about an hour long. The second ride we went to the single riders line, which was about 20 minutes. There's a lot to do, but I think that if lines are minimal, you can squeeze everything in in just a few hours. The park only being open 5-10 isn't a big deal. Once again, it's a great event and I'll be back a lot.(Yeah, I know, I should start taking more horizontal pictures. )


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