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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Since no one has posted a video yet, here is my take at WinterFest. I visited the park yesterday (Sunday, Dec. 3rd). I honestly had no idea what to expect and I was blown away with the event. A good majority of the park is open to walk around, lights everywhere, quite a few shows & performers which are all entertaining, Mystic Timbers, and much more. I am very happy that I was able to attend the event. If you're thinking about going, I highly suggest it.


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Thanks for sharing! I’m loving all of these Holiday events going on. Among Cedar Fair, Six Flags, Dollywood, SDC, etc., I don’t think any of them are actually “bad.” The lights look great.


Curious... does Mystic Timbers run any differently in the cold? Or does it still haul a$$?

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Curious... does Mystic Timbers run any differently in the cold? Or does it still haul a$$?


Well it was in the 40's at the beginning of the event and got down to 32 by park closing. Mystic Timbers was flying through the course just like it was during the summer so the cold didn't seem to affect it. As the event goes on and temps get cooler though, who knows if the park is actually going to continue to have it open.

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Winterfest Trip Report


This will be from the perspective of someone with a family including a 4 and a 2 year old. I have been twice. Once of the first day of Winterfest with everyone and then exactly one week later on Friday December 1st with just my 4 year old son.


Both days that we arrived my son lost his damn mind at everything. He is normally shy and reserved around new people he doesn't know but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the lights from the parking lot he was screaming with excitement. Then I kid you not his reaction to seeing the Santa on top of the entrance was that of Buddy the Elf when Santa shows up. On the second visit he went through the security and the lady asked him if he was excited all he could do was scream at the top of his lungs "SANTAAA!!!!!" Then I had to try and keep up with him getting into the park. Little dude was too hyped to deal with some peasants waiting in line to get in the park.


The first visit on day one the park was an absolute mad house. It wasn't a big deal to us as the kids just loved looking at the lights and running around the park. We did not ride anything on this day but spent two hours in the park looking at everything and playing some games. The holiday themed games were a favorite of my son whom I let play one of the games you throw the wiffle into the colored cups. He left from that game just playing on $10 with 3 medium prizes and 2 small prizes a bit of a proud dad moment.


On the second trip to the park with just my son and I it wasn't crowded at all and we were actually able to do some stuff. I sampled the Mac and Cheese bar while he screamed at me about wanting to Ice Skate right now dammit. The Buffalo Mac was excellent and honestly probably the only highlight of our meal plan this year. I think it is something they need to make permanent. After I finished eating I gave my boy his wish and took him over to ice skate. Ice skating is an up charge $10 per person if you have 4 or more or $15 for 3 or less. We just found others and grouped up. You have to take advantage of the system when you can. This is the first time my son has ever skated and I am talking on ice or roller blades. He did a lot better than I was expecting and thank goodness I had experience so I didn't have to worry about killing both of us. It was a bit crowded and the amount of people that suck at skating was a bit frustrating. Kids are understandable but healthy fit adults were using the balance things I would say only kids should use. They give you an hour and a half on the ice which is way longer than I expected them to give. I am sure we will do it again this year my son loved it so much. I was really proud that if he fell he just laughed it off and got back up. Can't be raising any soft kids I am way too much of a thrill seeker lol.


We rode some of the kids ride that were open and the lines were manageable. We also rode the train which was alright and my son enjoyed it but the loading and unloading process seemed to take way too long.


As someone with a family I absolutely love the event and I was not planning on getting passes next year but this may have changed my mind. It is incredibly fun to watch the kids faces of amazement with every corner we turned. If only most adults could get the same enjoyment out of little things like this.






More Lights!



That candy cane on the ground was really exciting to them lol.



the champ



Waiting for the train



These things were awesome for the kids learning to skate.



We had a ton of fun.

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Thanks for the report! It is different hearing things from the perspective of someone with a little kid. $10 for 4 to skate is reasonable, maybe I should try to find a way to take advantage of the system and group up next time too.


I've never ice skated (but seasoned blader/roller skater) but there is no way in hell you'd get me to push one of those carts. I'd sooner fall on my a$$. I do think it should mainly be for kids but I did see some adults too.

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There are not many of those things to use so kids should be the one using them. plus it is much funnier watching a full grown adult eat it on the ice from lack of experience.


I thought the $10 per person for a half hour was actually a great price.

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Good news and bad news...


Good news: Cedar Fair clearly found their balls (note the train)



Bad news...

Yeah, that train totally didn't make it.


It was throwing a ton of snow and valleyed in the last section before the shed. I'm sure they can winch it out of there easily since it's really close to the final brakes, but I don't know if they really want to try again tonight. lol

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Wow I'm impressed they gave it a go! It looks like Dollywood kept their two wooden coasters closed today after they got snow.


Did it valley with an empty train?


Yeah, it was empty. I was only watching for a minute or two and got lucky, but I'm going to guess it was the first test train of the day since it threw a ton of snow off the the tracks on that first turn.

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Cha ching! Yikes after being on the first train the ride already has a 45 minute wait. Really solid coaster, very okay GCI! Smooth from start to finish, twisty, and the classic GCI airtime. Not my favorite GCI but a good addition to the park.


All the GP are talking about how scary the ending is


They even changed the posters in line to fit the holidays!




Kings Island you must have grown up in Wisconsin cuz you so cheezy

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