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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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I know dorneys will be closing after next season.


Awesome! I can't wait to see what they replace it with. That would be a great expansion pad for the park's next major addition like a haunt maze or another chicken tender stand.


Ive heard from rumors that there is a possibility that they will use that land for....... wait for it..... a hotel.......

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As an added bonus, it's a brilliant place to put a Haunt Maze in future years. I wouldn't be surprised if they leave the store building there and everything and just use all of it for Haunt..

They already use part of it for the queue for Field of Screams (which last year was so long it actually filled up to the tent entrance area). It's really eerie waiting with the shadows of dinosaurs (most covered up) around you. I'm sure they could repurpose more of it if they wanted.


I haven't been through Dinosaurs Alive at KI so we'll have to make a point of it next time we're there during the day. This is an interesting piece of news which could open up some great possibilities for new rides, or mean nothing at all.

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From what I was told all of the Dinosaurs Alive attractions are being removed. Kings Island was the first park to have it installed and is the first to have it removed. Assuming they are closing in the same order they were built, I expect to see Cedar Point, Dorney, Kings Dominion, and Canada's Wonderland at the end of 2018. Followed by Carowinds, Valleyfair, and Worlds of Fun closing at the end of 2019.

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RIP Party Media Event 2017 9-22-17

This year Travis and I got to attend the Media Event on opening night of Halloween Haunt!

This year the new attractions were "Wasteland" and "Dance of the Macabre" they were both newly added scare zones in pathways at the park.

Wasteland was on the pathway to the Banshee and DropZone and it is themed like a wasteland and there were people running around in hazmat suits; get out, before its too late!

Dance of the Macabre is under the Eiffel tower and there were little "stations" under the eiffel tower to take pictures and they also had scare actors running around, and posing at the stations when it got dark

The crowds this year were nowhere near as bad as the previous years of opening night, which made it a great time to get some rides in as well!

Here are some pictures from Friday night:


the key is different this year! very steam-punk, super cool


list of mazes, the new additions this year were scare-zones


First ride of the night, love diamondback :)


of course the beast was one of the first things we rode!


we dead


vortex loops!


there were no lines whatsoever, got right on to these


monsters rock show in the festhaus, loved the live band!


thought this photo spot was really cool! you can see the eiffel tower eyes in the background


they moved the halloween haunt hearse in front of hot blooded this year


hot blooded is our favorite show!


I love that you can see the tower and the eyes on it from all over the park, really cool!


one of the "Dance of the Macabre" photo ops, there were little stations you could take photos in under the eiffel tower. Later on in the night there were scare actors in some of the photo ops


time for Hot Blooded! new setup looks really good!





time for food! this year they had a "wasteland" themed dining area for the media


mmmmm cake




Banshee at night with almost no wait!


Blackout is my favorite maze of all of the mazes I've been in, its completely dark and a group holds onto a rope to stay together and the only instruction is to keep your hand on the wall to get through, really cool!


wolf pack is one of our favorites to re-do because its on the old son of beast train station


signage in front of dinosaurs alive, I know I don't wanna be the person to kick the dinosaurs out!


slaughterhouse is right behind the beast :)


of course we have to get some night rides of the beast!


the best night ride!!


I really love this shot


I couldn't post just one


front entrance theming is really cool


signs for WinterFest this year!!


sunrise shot on our way home in the morning

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I'm planning to go to Haunt on Friday the 13th next month, as I thought that'd be a cool day to use my free day that comes with getting my CF Platinum Pass! I just wondered if people thought it would be busier than a usual Friday because of the "special" date, or if that shouldn't affect it much. I know it's a hard thing predicting crowds, but I wasn't sure if this has happened before, where a Haunt Friday was on the 13th as well. Thanks for any input, or even just opinions on what to expect!


Also, I'll just go to the Season Pass Center first, to process my paper ticket, right? Then they'll give me my pass for next year, and a ticket for that night or something? I've only ever gotten a pass at CP before, so I'm unfamiliar with the process at KI. Thanks again!

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I can't speak to KI but I just did this for myself at Carowinds a couple weeks ago. Yep, just head to the season pass processing center and you'll get your actual pass and you take that to the front gate. Just let the scanner know that you are using your free day. Interesting tidbit, it's actually coded in the system as a free friend ticket so they have to process it as such.

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Do you guys think that Winterfest will really have that huge of a turn out?


Remember that coaster enthusiasts aren't the target market for Winterfest so this terrible ride lineup probably won't matter too much to most people. I don't expect a HUGE turnout, but they don't need a huge turnout. These events generally attract families and by their very nature lead to a large increase in in-park spending per guest. They're being conservative and keeping costs low. I'm sure they'll do a great job with the lights, I'm sure the shows will be nice. If you live nearby and have a season pass you should absolutely go, check out the atmosphere, support the event by buying some merchandise and hot chocolate or something and then power ride Mystic Timbers which will likely be a walk-on.


It's an event for locals, and even for enthusiasts it's better than what you had last year but I'd definitely go on a road trip to Six Flags St. Louis, Dollywood or even Great Adventure if you're feeling ambitious and actually want to ride some coasters in the winter.


But hey... there's nothing wrong with being able to ride Mystic Timbers in December.

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I honestly wasn't expecting them to open any coasters. If they had to only choose one, I'm glad they chose Mystic Timbers. It's a solid ride and it makes the most sense (good for families while still thrilling). Of course wish there could be more open, but I'm still glad to have some more time to ride Timbers this year!


But I'll also be planning a Dollywood trip as well

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It was pretty clear seeing that lineup who the REAL target demographic is for this event, so it makes sense. Sounds like a lovely family-friendly event to be had, though. Those seeking intense thrills have the haunt events anyways.


But hey... there's nothing wrong with being able to ride Mystic Timbers in December.

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We're heading to KI on Saturday, 10/7 throughout the day and for the entire haunt. We're taking guests, which is unusual for us. We plan on getting FL+. I'm guessing the park will be slow during the day, but will the FL+ be plenty worth it at night? I'm not used to going this early in October. I don't want our guests to be pissed off at us for paying $100 to skip 5-10 minute lines.

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We're heading to KI on Saturday, 10/7 throughout the day and for the entire haunt. We're taking guests, which is unusual for us. We plan on getting FL+. I'm guessing the park will be slow during the day, but will the FL+ be plenty worth it at night? I'm not used to going this early in October. I don't want our guests to be pissed off at us for paying $100 to skip 5-10 minute lines.


If the weather is nice, it'll be packed. Columbus day saturday is very busy for most parks. I'm sure Kings island is no exception. I don't remember what weekend but a few years ago we spent a weekend in October at KI and the weather was in the 70s and sunny. They were parking people in the grass at great wolf lodge next door.

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