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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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I'm not sure why everyone got so excited for the shed, common sense says its a small show or visual of some sort. The real attraction is the coaster not the storage shed they had worked up.

I'm putting my expectations at Adventure Express level. It'll be a normal GCI with something extra at the end.


Also I'm gonna leave this here. I would take a look at some of the other pictures on this guy's twitter page, too. Got a couple of cool facade renderings in there.

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It looks like to me the shed will be a themed enclosed area that also serves as a transfer table, so instead of going through a normal transfer area they are going to spice it up.. because why not? I like the idea. I don't think there will be a drop track, or a jojo roll or anything special, but just a neat lighted area that hides the fact its a transfer table.

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If you have a Gold Pass to KI or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, the 2017 early rides are as follows:


2017 Early Rides Lineup


April - June

Mystic Timbers, Diamondback and select Planet Snoopy Rides


July - October

Mystic Timbers, Banshee, Delirium and select Planet Snoopy Rides


Soak City Waterpark (Daily)

Tropical Plunge, Tidal Wave Bay and Pipeline Paradise


*Early rides lineup subject to change


For the link to the page, go to: www.visitkingsisland.com/season-pass-benefits/early-ride-time

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As Timbers continues to rise I would like to let everyone know that I have been happily placed on the rides Inaugural Crew! I'm sure i'll see a lot of you if you come ride!


Good job and good luck! Breaking in the ride and taking in that new wood smell will be a treat. Don't forget to hang out near the Dippin' Dots stand so that you can tell us when the Grandson of Beast RCCA giga will finally arrive.

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So, I know the video is old, but Kings Island just posted this (Also shown below) really awesome video on Facebook. I'm sure we have all seen it, but its worth another watch. . . You know, since it's the off season and all.


I really like where they are going with this project. The hype is crazy!! I'm still hoping for a drop track in the shed, but who knows!




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Is there even that much space for a barrel roll? Doesn't seem like it at all.


I was thinking there didn't seem like enough space for a barrel roll, nor does it even seem to have enough speed left at that point to do a barrel roll. Granted, you can't really judge the speed of a ride by the rendering. . . But still. Given the layout and location of the shed, it seems to have tapered off by that point.

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If you look at the blueprints on Screamscape you'll notice the Shed is the transfer track. So whatever is in there is going to be strictly visual probably.




Wonder if you'll move down the transfer and stop right after before turning and videos/lighting or whatever plays to.... anyway its exciting to see we only have 90 Days till opening day!

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To be honest, my expectations for what's in the shed are pretty low. I expect some screens and possibly some props that "wrap up" the story line, and that's about it. I'd sure love to be wrong, though.


That's pretty much what I am expecting too. . . But I keep hoping that I am wrong. I so want it to be a drop track. I LOVED the drop track on Verbolten, and I'd love to see it incorporated on more coasters. With as much as Kings Island is promoting this #WhatsInTheShed thing, I'd hate for it to just be some screens, and audio.


Oh well. . . Only time will tell.

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