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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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It's going pretty well as far I've been observing. This week is HH set up week. Brake run is up, the turn around into the station and even station track is up, and about one more to go before that are completely done with the end/station of the ride. I'm just surprised how high up the brake run is, then how low the station is to the ground. It's eye level from the little media anouncement area.



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^ I always base it on how green the "grass" is in the POV. And if they include any scenery from within the park, like the Voyage in the background of the Pilgrim's Plunge POV, that gets extra bonus points.

(laughed and couldn't type for a couple minutes) Ok, you win. Good one my friend.


Looking forward to seeing this one in person in the coming years.

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The yellow supports on the lift hill remind me all of the world of how Silver Bullet at Knott's has red lift supports and the rest of the track is silver/grey.


This looks to be one of the best new coasters for next year. Although I think it would have been awesome for Knott's to make the room for and get something like this, but I think KI really needs it a lot more!

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