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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I just wanted to ask (if no one else has already asked this), what do you guys think is in the Mystic Timbers shed?


I was thinking it'd give a little spooky show or something and have a drop track. Which would be pretty cool.


Someone else on a different forum thought that it might have swing track.


Both of which would be pretty interesting for a wooden coaster.


Enough about that. What do you guys think?

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Looks like station work is about to begin! I have a feeling you'll get nice up close and personal with the train as the loading platform is on the left side of the train tracks, facing Diamondback. (Judging by the animated shed that was shown).




Also for what's in the shed. It will be fun. (Isn't everything at ki)


Photo cred to the parks Twitter (@KingsIslandpr)

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It's a joke, dude, don't get too wrung-up about it.


Which of those 2 ridiculous things was the joke? Or were they both jokes? You're quite the jokester.

Looks like the sarcasm train skipped us both on this one. My original comment was mocking the common belief that vertical construction means everything. Although yes, while neither ride is behind schedule at this point, KI does seem to have much more vertical construction finished, while BG seems to be focusing more on the tunnels and station. Between that and the fence-sitting RMC Mean Streak, only time will tell if any of these open on, behind, or ahead of time.

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Boldikus metioned on the Dutch Wonderland thread that he thinks its gonna be an unloading platform.


Relax bud, I was being facetious. Unless there's like strippers and beer in the shed, I could care less.

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