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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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And they will be adding one more coaster next year that I am sure will be yet another great coaster to ride in the dark.


I know that I have said before that I feel that Kings Island is one of the more overrated parks out there. But I will admit that it is WAY more fun at night and at nights during Haunt....it's like a totally different animal then.


Or maybe it's just because I'm a little more buzzed at night that makes rides more fun? Dunno.

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But I disagree about driving at night. At speeds above 120mph it feels faster during the day because things that you would normally see are suddenly blurred. At night many things are too dark to see anyways.


True, but I've never driven remotely that fast, so it's irrelevant to my point!

Does 120 on TTD count? The trains are shaped like NHRA Top Fuel dragsters, if that helps.

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I really like that it seems they're trying to preserve as much foliage as possible. Usually GCI's are placed on open cleared land. I'm sure if there has been removed trees they'll certainly replace them as well.



OH TRUST ME. it looks like theirs some tree's saved. But looking at where the lift and turn around will be, there is ALOT of dirt and stumps.




ALSO judging from where the prelift section is, the station assumes to be where the old funnel cake stand was.

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Anyone hitting up the park for Haunt this weekend? Namely on Friday, because that's when I plan on going. It'll be my first time at KI Haunt and I'm totally psyched!


I will definitely be there Friday night, ready to go at 6. KI Haunt is fantastic, one of my favorite times of the year for amusement parks. Not to mention it looks like the weather will be fantastic all weekend.


Hey! I'll be there Friday night as well! I'd love to meet up with some fellow TPR members (and Fantasy Football players, in CoasterRench's case) there for some epic night riding! If you're interested, let me know via PM, and we can exchange numbers or something!

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Double post but who cares.Some pictures from the employee Dry run last night. Always fun and some of the mazes i have never been through are AMAZING.



But first a couple things: MYSTIC TIMBERSIS PERFECT FOR RIVERTOWN. You can literally see it from ANYWHERE in Rivertown.



My thoughts on the two mazes i went through:

-BLACKOUT: I can now see why this is what was considered the best maze in the area. You can LITERALLY see nothing.All though if you run into a dead end multiple times you probabily have the wrong person leading your group


-Field of Screams: Located in Coney Mall, in the middle of nowhere, behind Dinosaurs Alive and thats all im saying about this maze................


She is sleeping...............Not for long


A view of racer i dont think is seen every now and then


Another view to


Looking down Nightmare alley where they have robotic people hung from trees and they MOVE.


Timbers is rising..........Have you felt it?


"SHIP TO AZ" "SOB" R.I.P. This crate is located outside of Beast's entrance


Car parts.


More car parts.


There she is again,


More SOB homage.


Dinosaurs Alive......................i mean Field of Screams entrance.


Waiting in line for it. Literally all the way behind Dinosaurs Alve


Panoramic view of the maze on the left, and a house on the right. Don't know why the house was there. Probably just for scenery.


The house.


And one of the best things i love about haunt, is BLOODDRUMS. a must see show and they've mixed it up this year with New Music than i think the past years since the show first started.

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Thanks for the preview TR! Seeing that just made me SUPER excited for Haunt this weekend!


Is Blackout kind of like the maze they had at Magic Mountain a few years ago, Total Darkness? If so, I LOVED that! My friend and I backed out of leading the group, and the people who took the helm absolutely sucked and got everything all mixed up! I went from being 3rd from the front to somehow holding the middle of the rope in a curve. They somehow doubled back and screwed everything up so much that the scare actors had to help us, but it was super fun and hilarious!

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Thanks for the preview TR! Seeing that just made me SUPER excited for Haunt this weekend!


Is Blackout kind of like the maze they had at Magic Mountain a few years ago, Total Darkness? If so, I LOVED that! My friend and I backed out of leading the group, and the people who took the helm absolutely sucked and got everything all mixed up! I went from being 3rd from the front to somehow holding the middle of the rope in a curve. They somehow doubled back and screwed everything up so much that the scare actors had to help us, but it was super fun and hilarious!


Correct, no lights and if there is its like a strobe light for like 2 seconds.



They STILL have the SOB trains?? Even parts from the original ones? Man, I would've thought the Gerstlauer's would be sold off by now.


Little do people know, they still own ALOT of stuff. I've seen Scooby Doo Ghoaster Coaster cars, and various boomerang pieces like the kangaroo on the surfboard.

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Mini TR of yesterday.


I arrived at the park around 8pm, totally psyched (and a little scared) because I love Haunt! I've never been to this one, and I must say, it was amazing! The scare zones and decorations were really well done, and every maze we went through was really great!


I arrived at the park alone, but ended up meeting up with DILinator and his family. OMG, what a nut! (LOL JK, he's really cool)


Park wasn't too busy, but time passed quickly. We only did 4 mazes, but the night rides we got on Firehawk, Banshee, Adventure Express, Bat, Diamondback, and of course Beast were probably the best rides I've had on those coasters! Diamondback in the back row at night.... WOW. We got some serious airtime over the drop, not touching the seat at all. It was probably the best ride I've gotten on a B&M hyper, even compared to Nitro. After that ride, I think I do like Diamondback best now. And of course, Beast in the front at night. Sublime.


I'll definitely be back to do more of the mazes, but the 4 we did in order were KillMart, Blackout, Wolf Pack, and Field of Screams.


KillMart was the first one we went in, and it got some good scares out of me. Wolf Pack was the least scary out of the 4, but still well done. Field of Screams was the last we did, and done up like a corn maze. We were some of the last ones to go through it, so I think a lot of the scare actors had packed up, but the ones still there did get some good scares out of us. It was a really cool maze, and I'd like to do it again when it's in full swing. Since I believe it's new, I won't say much more so that people can experience it themselves.


Blackout.... man, that was the most terrifying thing since I went to Horror Nights last year! I loved doing Total Darkness at Magic Mountain a few years ago, and this was kind of like that, but way scarier! I actually thought it would be darker inside, but seeing silhouettes of things in the darkness and then having the lights flash on and off made things super eerie and freaky. Man, that tall thing.... TERRIFYING. I won't say more.


HAUNT!! Better than CGA! ;)


A good way to end the week! (or start the weekend?)


I freaked out when I saw the Haunt eyes on the tower, I LOVE the Haunt eyes!


Pumpkins carving...people?!?


So twisted it's awesome!


Wolf Pack wasn't too scary but....


...the bit of structure beside it was the scariest thing we saw all night!


I glanced up, and the trees glanced back!


Those are some mystic timbers right there


I loved this version of Jack!


What is scarier, Beast at night, or DILinator at night?


Field of Screams!


Nothing like creepy Ohioans...I mean, corn field owners.


Even the dinosaurs got into the festivities!


Great night at Haunt, meeting new friends


My new friend and I ;)

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Totally missed out on Haunt the other night. Glad ya'll had fun and the crowds were low! I love KillMart. Maybe I went in with low expectations, but they did a great job. When working in the games department, I spent a lot of time in that building! I couldn't believe they packed so much in there. Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll get back next year! ...or bail on SFGAm and go back to Cincy.

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Travis and I went to the first day of Halloween haunt on Friday. The weather was amazing and made for a great first day! We had a ton of fun seeing all the changes in the park and to the haunt attractions and monsters.

Here's a little description of the mazes/attractions and changes we noticed if any:

KillMart- themed like a supermarket, really interesting! really cool theming throughout

Board to Death- One of our personal faves, themed like old board games that are easy to recognize

Carnevil- Just your average carnival, only a lot more bloody and horrifying

Sorority house- A sorority house you will to DIE to join, really good theming!

Slaughter house- super gross and bloody, with tons of realistic dead animals possibly a couple people

Urgent Scare- a hospital that does NOT have a good survival rate lol!

Wolf Pack- a bunch of wolves, lol! this one is actually on the son of beast's train station, and if you look really closely you can see some of the markings on the floor from it

Field of Screams(new)- this one is where dinosaurs alive is, and felt a lot more tame than the other mazes because it wasn't as bloody and was themed like a corn maze

Madame Fatales Cavern of terror- this one is like house of wax, it has a ton of wax figures and is in the building where the crypt used to be, which I love the repurposed buildings!!

Blackout- this one was another of our favorites and is more of an internal fear type maze because it is the fear of the unknown the maze is pitch black, last time if I remember right, you navigated with your left hand and this time was your right hand, also last time there was no way of keeping people together from getting lost and this time there were ropes to hold on for groups

The Viewing- this is more of an attraction than a maze, it is an escape the room type thing and if I am correct it was a fast lane only thing?? We never got a chance to try it though because there was always a line, which I'm guessing because they take people in small groups


And here's some of the pictures we took:


front gate got a spooky upgrade, it was an amazing touch!


I just love how the skeleton key shows the year every year, it's the tiny details :)


All of the other mazes were here in the last year, Blackout was the new one last year and it is still one of my favorites! The new attractions were "Field of Screams" and "The Viewing", which was an escape the room attraction, I believe this was restricted to people with a skeleton key/ fast lane. The Viewing was located in the theater at the front of the park.


I LOVE how they pack the scarers into the front when the park opens and have them running around terrorizing the guests!


went to the top of the eiffel tower to check out the view! always one of my favorite parts!


what's that there behind diamondback? ;)


the fog was in full effect, so many fog machines!!


LOVE kettle corn! :p of course we had to stop!




you can spot these eyes glaring at you around the park


the beast area was decorated very well!


RIP Travis :( also all these people mysteriously died when the beast was "unchained"


area in front of "Field of Screams" was decorated with corn stalks


love the thumbing for this maze! such a cool theme!


Everyone is getting scared while this little guy is just enjoying his cake :)


what IS in the shed?


Field of Screams, which we went thru when it was dark, was a corn maze basically that was back where dinosaurs alive was. This maze felt a lot more "tame" than some of the other mazes, which is a good thing for the people who are more afraid than others of all the gore


can we just take a moment to appreciate the clowns face in the back... XD


no halloween haunt would be complete without this guy! he is AMAZING at staying in character and really is an amazing performer, his is the voice you hear throughout the front when you arrive and many people gather around just to talk to him


Love this new little touch on all of the trees at the front


LOVE Hot Blooded!!! So glad they haven't changed a thing! Such great music and performers every year


another music attraction :) they've installed giant torches along the fountain that go off to the music they play


the corn decorations look really cool after it gets dark!


such a good show!


hmm sounds familiar...


night rides on the beast are a MUST



the torches that were along the fountain, you could feel the heat from them if you ate at the tables next to them, which will be super nice when it gets colder!


had to see Hot Blooded one more time!!


gate as we were leaving, we had an amazing time:) love this time of the year at parks!


Saturday they were closed to the public


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I can't be the only person that thinks "Hot Blooded" is one of the worst performances at any amusement park... Then again, I think many of those popular vampire/werewolf movies are absolutely horrible. Maybe the show is aimed at that crowd?


We don't like those vampire werewolf movies either! Its more a nostalgic thing for us because it brings back memories of all the times we have come here for the halloween events and the old singers that kept coming back! plus the songs are great!

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