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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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I've literally said twice in this thread that rattling is uncomfortable to me because I have a low tolerance to headaches and I develop migraines faster than the average person.


I've also admitted it is a personal problem and it doesn't effect the majority of people. Plus I even said Banshee doesn't even have a rattle.


But since it seems half of the B&M fanboys in this thread can't read, I'd like to sincerely apologize for hurting your precious feelings with my dangerous words.

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Solution to thinking Banshee is rough:


Step 1: Ride Banshee

Step 2: Ride Vortex

Step 3: Slap ones self against the forehead for thinking Banshee is in any way rough.

Step 4: eat Nachos


Step 4 was a nice touch.

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^ He forgot Step 5: Proceed directly to the Bier Garten after riding Vortex and ordering said nachos.


No, I think that hitting the Bier Garten after Vortex is Step 4, and then ordering the nachos (and BEER!) will be Step 5.

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I have read the recent comments about the ride Banshee has been giving lately and thought I would add my thoughts.


I rode Banshee opening day in 2014 and fell in love with the ride. It became my favorite coaster almost immediately. I made a second trip to Kings Island that summer, just for Banshee. I live in Kansas City, so it's not a quick trip for me. I visited again in 2015. Between those three trips, I was at the park at least six days, so I had many rides on Banshee.


The opening weekend in 2014, I thought Banshee had a more aggressive quality that is had lost by my second trip later that summer. It was still good, but not quite as intense it seemed. Same in 2015.


Then, just before my visit to Kings Island last weekend, a friend said he didn't enjoy Banshee as much this year and I think he said it was more intense or something of that nature. I rode it a few days later and I too felt the same. It seemed to give a harsher ride and it just wasn't as enjoyable to me as before. Then after a few rides, it struck me that it seemed more like it did the first weekend it was open in 2014. I am not sure it was the same, but it felt more aggressive again, but even though I rode it more, I just didn't enjoy it like I did before. I am not sure what was causing it to feel different, but it wasn't the same for some reason. I hope I have a better experience on it the next time I visit Kings Island.

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I can't the King's Island when visitng King's Island. Where the f**k is the park's namesake island?


On the Ohio river. The park is named after Coney Island, the amusement park in Cincinnati that King's Island replaced. Many of the early rides were moved from Coney Island.

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^What hints would those be? there's no construction walls up or anything anywhere, so certainly no posters.


He's only referring to the ground that has been dug up for the past year that is nearby Mighty Canadian Minebuster's first drop. I believe it's only going to be for another Splashworks addition. Possibly a drop slide complex like the other Cedar Fair water parks have been receiving over the past few years.

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Okay, let's get back on topic here! This is a Kings Island Discussion Thread for goodness sake!


Has any one driven on the Michigan stretch of I-75 lately? The last time I had was two years ago when on my way to Kings Island and it was rough! But, luckily my car survived it then, both ways. I was just wondering if it improved any because I plan on visiting Kings Island again in a couple of weeks.

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