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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Just a note:


If you work at the park, please be careful of what you say and how you say it. Park officials, managers and supervisors lurk in these forums. (Had conversations with some about things posted on here.)


I work in the park, which is why I rarely post in here anymore.


I will say as an enthusiast, that I hope they get rid of the bins at the other roller coasters. Everything I need fits into a cargo pocket. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't go in the park with me.


If a ride host asks or instructs you to do something.....


There is probably a reason for the request. (Such as flip flops on Diamondback)

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We're going to KI the third Saturday in October. We're not really fright event type of people, but I want to hit a park one more time before the off season. When we usually go to KI in the summer we go with FP+ and have walk on waits. Since the last few parks we visited we pretty much wasted our money with FP+, my wife doesn't think we'll need it on a Fright weekend. I told her she's high...


That being said, we ARE getting FP+ ahead of time. I was just curious what kind of waits we can expect on a packed fright event weekend with a FP+?

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So since we saw the announcement of valraven today (we all knew since plans were leaked and YouTube videos are up from cedar points official page) could we possibly think that KI will possibly get a new coaster for 2017 since it's usually a year after CP gets one that KI gets one. For example. Gatekeeper = banshee. Valraven = new coaster ???


I'd imagine KI is still riding the high from the addition of Banshee. Just from my "who the hell am I to know" guess, I'd expect something large scale in 2-4 years, but probably not before then. I could see it come with the addition of a front gate renovation. I think with the park doing as well as it is now, it would be a good idea to wait at least a couple more years before adding another giant. Also, I think if/when the front gate is renovated, it's not going to be a complete tear down and rebuild like you've seen in the other parks. I'm saying that because of the large conference center/banquette hall incorporated into the entrance building. It wouldn't be smart or necessary to get rid of it or completely level the building and start over. I would guess that when the entrance is updated it will be greatly modernized and refreshed, but not completely redone.


I'm far from a business man, but that's just my guess.

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Well since Haunt opened this week, might as well point out some things i have noticed. The Eiffel Tower, on the top part of the tower (North Elevator) now has a set of eyes, on each of the four sides of the tower. The Haunt "entrance" set up has been moved near the Kings Island theater. But finally we have markers for the new slides and they are going to be installed where i first thought they would go, in between the tidal wave bay wavepool and the main entrance. Also an update on the improvements of Kings Island drive will include an expansion of the road to feature i believe 3 or 4 lanes. Sewer drains have been poured and installed. Apparently Friday night wasn't really that packed, Saturday was okay. Could not tell you about today (Sunday) as I did not work. Also, I've heard from multiple guests that the new "Blackout" maze is really good! I did notice that the park has installed a new entrance for 'Tombstone Terror-tory" since they do not use the train anymore.


place for new "Tropical Plunge"

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So we went Halloween Haunt opening night and attended the RIP Party as well, here are some of the pictures I took! :)



Got our Skeleton Key! :) It even has the year in the key part too!


The list of all the mazes




The line was pretty packed to get in! lots of people! Once they opened the gates they let out all the scare actors into the line of people waiting to get in


new front display for pictures!


I love the new interactive maps around the park, they updated them just for Halloween Haunt


It even tells you where all the mazes are :)


LOTS of new decorations and things moved around this year!


they also had little displays themed to mazes in the park


Killmart is still awesome!


these displays were all over the park!


Blackout, the new maze this year, spot anyone you recognize? ;)


The display that is usually in the front of the park was at the theater


I thought this was a good place since the theater isn't used during haunt, plus its a cool place to take pictures!




There were a lot of new "characters" for scare actors this year, and a few got an update to their costumes!


the front was PACKED with scare actors!


This guy is there every year and he does an amazing job, not only is he a scare actor, but he also gives directions and makes jokes as well. His is the voice you hear when you're in front of the park over the loud speaker, I kind of wonder what he does when he is not working haunt?


some ride tributes




I think this was a new prop this year, the heart actually moves too!


Yay left shark! <3


Top of the tower


Diamondback <3


you can see the line to get in the park from here and the park and already been open a while too.


aw poor Don :(


Themed souvenir cups this year!


I love that slaughterhouse is right next to the Beast! <3 P.S. this maze is NOT for vegetarians xD


back to blackout, this maze was like no other I have experienced, and I loved it! Most mazes have people who jump out and scare you, but this one was the fear of the unknown. When you begin the maze, you are told to keep your right hand on the wall, you can't see ANYTHING in the maze, and you are bumping into people and the wall is covered in different things during parts of the maze and there are gaps in the wall where there are people standing (I think I molested like 7 people). This maze was by far my favorite, I like that it wasn't just scare actors jumping out at you the whole time!




sunset picture! (look at the Eiffel Tower's eyes!)


Glad they added Hot Blooded back into the lineup of shows! we love this show!<3


Ice Sculpture with shrimp at the RIP Party! :)


Loved the new show in the Festhaus! They had a live band and play famous rock songs (a few of them from past shows<3!)


I love the statue people, they just stare at you!


The Eiffel Tower looks so cool! We had a great time! Thanks for reading! :)

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The Undertaker, Michael, you took a photo of at the front of the park is an outstanding guy. Have had the pleasure of working with him and being a friend for a couple years now. He does other haunts, cosplays, etc. He has a lot of talent and does a phenomenal job every night.

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The Undertaker, Michael, you took a photo of at the front of the park is an outstanding guy. Have had the pleasure of working with him and being a friend for a couple years now. He does other haunts, cosplays, etc. He has a lot of talent and does a phenomenal job every night.


He really is! He does an amazing job, and always has immediate comebacks to people too!

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They have 12 haunts, really? Wow, these regional parks have really stepped up their Huant game over the years.


This report kind of takes me back, I rememebr going to the event in the early 2000's when it was still Fear Fest or soemthing and man the event has come a long ways in 15 years. In 2003 or 2004 they had a haunt in the old Antique Cars ride where actors would actually pop out at your antique car while you were driving around the cicruit, it was one of the coolest haunts I'd ever seen at the time.

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So we went Halloween Haunt opening night and attended the RIP Party as well, here are some of the pictures I took!

Thanks for sharing! Kings Island's haunt is often overlooked and was surprisingly good the last time in went to it.

So just wondering, does anyone think the scaffolding on the front entrance is just for Haunt or............................................... just a thought.

Probably just there for haunt unless they're replacing the roof shingles during the off season. No need to start a rumor there.


I'll be at the park with some other forum members this Saturday, so we are hoping the rain (and crowds) holds out for us!

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They sure have a lot of mazes at Kings Island (Blackout is intriguing). I'm planning to do the Fright Lane Plus/Skeleton Key thing at Kings Dominion this year for the first time--should be fun.

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I've only been to a few Haunts at KI and can say that I've never seen anything else that busy on a Friday night, including the many haunted houses I visit during the season. I really expected HS football to pull a lot of the teens away from the park on Fridays. It never works out that way.

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^Bleh! I'm going in a week, and I was really hoping for subdued crowds - at least for the coasters. Were most of the people doing the haunts? Or were there pretty long lines for the coasters as well?


You'll find the same advice year after year. Fridays are better. People are there for both rides and haunts. Most haunts are 15 minutes wait. Beast and low capacity rides have longest lines. If you get there at opening and stay till close you'll find short waits in the first and last couple hours.

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You're going next weekend? (Oct 9-11) For sure crowds will be a bit heavier as that is Columbus Day weekend. If I remember right, most area schools have Homecoming the following weekend.


At lot of schools in the area have Homecoming this weekend. You will still have some but most happened last weekend and this weekend.

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