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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Yesterday while I was there someone pointed out to me there was a snapped cable hanging from the top of the lift on Invertigo, so that's why it'll be an extended doenwtime. On another note The Beast was giving absolutely fantastic rides last night, noticed lots of new wood during my day ride. And the night ride I took last night was one of the best I've had, the train was really hauling through the course! I'll have pictures posted maybe late tonight or tomorrow.

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I was there yesterday as well, but brought the camera in for the second half of the day. We purchased the season-long dining plan for the first time, and the computer was having some issues syncing to website renewals, but I think they got it fixed by the time we had our second meal. Festhaus ran out of ketchup at around 6:30 pm.


The Flyers or "Flying bEagles" (courtesy of Dave Althoff) were "just okay" for my two rides (25 and 40 minute waits). I'm not saying they are bad, these felt like they were on a medium speed (compared to other Larson models I have been on), so they were a bit hard to snap, so I got just a slight cable slacking, the cycle was also 1:30, which by the time you got a good rhythm, it was ending, so I'm sure adjustments will be made.


The Coney Mall sign is down, but Don said it will return.


Took a spin through the new shops.. Sweet Spot, Funnel cake, and starbucks, they all looked great.


The recently refurbished Shake Rattle and Roll looks and runs great, but there seems to be a hydraulic shakey-feel as the arms lift.


Invertigo like mentioned is down, and the area has a portable fence around it, you can see the cable that is hanging off the lift in one of my photos.


The smoking area has had the waterfall removed and the area has been slightly cleaned up and a bit beautified.


The waterfall has been removed and there is new concrete leading to Coney Mall



Some trees removed around SR&R




Spring is here!


SR&R has sort of a new observation area


New sign!


You can see the LED light fixture, but the lights aren't in just yet.


Never Forget


Hungry Dino likes to eat Drop Towers!


You can see the cable dangling off Invertigo


Land of the free, home of the brave.

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Did the eternal flame burn out? Oh well... I guess nobody cares about Son of Beast anymore. lol


Looks like they took a page out of Six Flags' book with an effect already non existent after season one.

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I also felt that weird vibration at the beginning of the ride cycle on SRR. I hope it doesn't turn into something bad for the ride. They need to fix the line though. It's bad when the ride ops tell you to jump over the railing to get on the ride.


I thought it was just the long off season and I was excited but Beast was running awesome or faster. I did t notice too much re-tracking if any at all. Most of it was from last year re-tracking. On the second hill half the train made it to the step platform which seemed more than usual.


Never like seeing random cords/wires hanging from lift hills. I always like hearing Invertigo riders scream as I walk from the parking lot into the park.

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I went to the park on Saturday with my partner. We were in Dayton for WGI Thursday-Sunday and had planned to go on Sunday before the schedule was up for 2015, but obviously that didn't work as the park was closed. So we ended up getting there around 9:15am to take advantage of early entry and get back to Dayton by 2pm.


This was our first trip to KI ever and it was great for how quick it was.


Park was obviously crowded as shown in the earlier posts. It really reminded me a lot of Kings Dominion especially in the area by Shake Rattle and Roll.


We hit Banshee first before opening with about a 15 minute wait and then booked it to Bat since it was 5 mins before opening and there wasn't a line and just continued to meander around the park before leaving at 11:45.


After bat we hit adventure express with no wait and honesly had a blast on it!!! Was not expecting it to be fun as I have trailblazer in my back yard which is just ok (the 2nd lift animatronics are interesting). After this we headed to Firehawk with absolutely no wait! This was much more uncomfortable than Batwing to me. The ride broke down after we got off so we tried to hit FOF but the line was about 35 minutes so we headed towards Vortex. This had about a 5 minute line. It was much better than Anaconda, but still uncomfortable.


We finished up the day with a 25 minute wait for The Beast. I was honestly looking forward to this ride the most and so was my partner. Definitely loved the ride! The layout and terrain were great. Extremely enjoyable!! We just laughed and smiled the whole time. Wish we would have gotten a night ride on it, but we were lucky enough to get a few hours in at the park.


After that we headed towards Diamondback, but with a full queue and what seemed to be slow operation we decided to grab a pretzel and some waters then head back to Dayton. It was obvious the staff was still being trained, but the highlight was the poor girl at the Auntie Annes booth. We needed $4.36 cents in change. She pulled out a quarter, two dimes, and six pennies. She put this back..... She then grabbed two dimes and the rest of the change in pennies The trainer came over and told her no no and grabbed a quarter, dime, nickle, and a penny.... Poor girl I hope she gets the concept of handing the least amount of coins by May!

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Here's some pictures I have from opening day! It was a blast, from regularly visiting the park the past 3 years I've never seen a day this crowded! Vortex, The Beast, & Diamondback had 100% full queue's. The Vortex line went out and past Shake Rattle & Roll. Also I have to give it up for The Beast's crew. They were pumping out trains like it was peak season already, I was very impressed. Also during our day ride, I saw plenty of spots of new wood throughout the course and our night ride was absolutely insane. We were lucky enough to get the last train of the night and ride ops & security offered to grab camera's and snap pictures of us before the last train dispatched. Overall a very fun & successful opening day!




Started our day off with Banshee!


The line was pretty long, but moved really fast.




Banshee from The Bat's queue.


I always stop here for lunch when I visit.


Racer racing!


Some Firehawk.


It'll always be green X-Flight for me and my friends!


I've liked fun TV, and it's getting better now posting wait times & photo's people share from Instagram & Twitter


My favorite part of Firehawk.




The music is now gone from the lift hill, I was one of the people that loved it but it doesn't change anything really.


Diamondback late afternoon.


Diamondback in the evening.


And here's a picture I snapped on the way out of the new interactive park maps. I didn't use it but I hope these go chain wide because they look really nice!

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I guess Vortex isn't as bad as people say if the line is so full?


Vortex is my FAVORITE of all the Arrow loopers I've been on.(6) Yea, it does have the usual (see: terrible) Arrow transitions but once you learn where to anticipate the ride is a blast!

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I guess Vortex isn't as bad as people say if the line is so full?


Vortex is my FAVORITE of all the Arrow loopers I've been on.(6) Yea, it does have the usual (see: terrible) Arrow transition but once you learn where to anticipate the ride is a blast!


I'm also a fan. It's a very forceful ride. The fact that it's old and you never quite know how smooth of a ride you're going to have make it super intense. I make a point to ride it every time I go, but usually only once

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