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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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^ Tonight there was a Season Kickoff Party for ride associates (like myself, come say hi to me at the log flume . Only Diamondback and The Gliders where open. Marathoned for 10 rides on DB and rode the gliders twice. They where all right.


Flying Eagles are back!


Nice Lighting added!


Little more oomed on for the flat ride nerds :D


Sorry bout the caption i downloaded it from snapchat but my first coaster of the year was DB. Still a geat B&M Airtime machine!

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^ Thank you for posting the pictures of the new flyers.


The one thing that caught my attention was how tightly taught the cables are in the picture where the flyers are in motion. Clearly the picture wasn't taken when the ride was at maximum RPMs, but the cables were still incredibly tight. On the better flyers (Carowinds, Knoebels) the cables are very rarely that taught when the ride is in motion.

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I am already back from preview night. My kids needed to go to bed. The rides were mostly walk on except Planet Snoopy. Kids EVERYWHERE!! Flying Ace had a huge line and of course the new rides were quite crowded. I stuck with the bigger rides now my 3rd kid hit 48" today. I thought everything went well except Beast looked like Six Flags rides taking 4 minutes to dispatch until an area supervisor showed up and then all of a sudden things picked up. Don was all smiles when I ran into him and I am very glad they did this night especially with such a wonderful weather day. I'll be there early tomorrow. Yes I sang the famous Log Flume song with my kids the entire ride.

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We are planning on hitting the park tomorrow mainly to process our passes. I am sure with the combination of great weather and opening weekend, the lines will be crazy long.


I will be happy if we can get on the big 3 (banshee, the beast, and diamondback), and get some skyline chili.

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I do not like the new maps. I always have hated parks that have the big maps like SeaWorld. The folded ones are so much easier to deal with except La Ronde where it folds up way too small. Also the SR&R line is goofy. Hope they fix that. You'll understand when you do it with not many people there.

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I couldnt get enough pics for a full trip report but i got at least 5. Opening day was a struggle for some places in the park. Although i never waited an hour for Vortex, Diamondback, Banshee, The Bat or Race For Your Life Charlie Brown. I did manage to wait an hour for my food The New Coke Marketplace was something else, I didnt go in there but my friend who works in there said today was a nightmare. Other than that always a fun time going to the park. I did not score a first riders shirt for the gliders but i did notice two small things around two rides that get a lot of attention. First ride was Vortex. At The Base of the drop, if i remember correctly, there was a tree line. That tree line is now gone and there are a couple of cones along with a dirt/ gravel road near it (i didnt snag a pic i was in a hurry. Sorry.). Second was The Bat, which i did manage to snag a pic of and it looks like there cutting down some trees but it may just be that they dont want an incident like Ninja lol. SR&R looked amazing, although the queve line was a little funky. The tower gardens only got new pavement and yes it is still Smoker heaven lol. I have yet to start working at the park, mainly because i still have two more classes to take but be on the lookout for me on Race For Your Life Charlie Brown! The new white girl paradise (A.K.A. Starbucks) is BEAUTIFUL on the inside. Also for some odd reason, Invertigo was closed and my good friend said that it would be closed for a while. Anyone have any thoughts or heard why?


Crowd wasnt that big at opening.....


First rides of the day, and im up to 104 rides on Banshee so far!


The trees are in the middle of the pic, might have to zoom in..


SR&R looking good.


Overall a okay day at the park

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