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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I would expect 2+ hour waits for Fire Hawk, Flight of Fear, Diamondback, and Beast anytime after 2 pm. Heck, even the Flight Deck had 30 minute waits in years past. That being said, you'd have less than 10 minute waits for everything with Fast Lane.

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off topic but


the bat



drop dower


that bungee jumping thing


they should get rid of congo falls and rename it "Dangley Zone."


"Hiiiiiiiiighwaaaay tooooo the DANGLEY ZONE!"

Haha, most of the inverted/suspended/feet-dangling rides are in one area (minus Windseeker).

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The Beast was giving religious experience rides last night. Nothing like a cool, dark foggy October night to bring out the best in that coaster. I've ridden it for 35 years, last night ranked as the best.


Aww yeah, that's the kind of thing I like to hear! The Beast was riding good in the beginning of summer, too. It's been a good 35 years so far.

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I did my visit to the park yesterday, might try to do a trip report on it whenever I can. Thank you to whoever told me Sundays were dead, I finally got my fill of Banshee rides (and plenty more) to make up the five-hour wait on opening day for a single ride! All rides were running quite well aside from some minor roughness on The Beast, Vortex, and (to my surprise) Flight of Fear. After 12 laps, I also got to experience the rattling and thigh crushing (on certain specific seats) of Banshee. Yeah, it's impossible to not notice, but neither made the ride unrideable or any less fun, imo.

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Just got back to the hotel from the park and it was dead.


We were able to get into all the haunted houses several times, and were also able to hit every major coaster.


A few quick notes.....


Skeleton key....rip off, don't waste your money.

The beast was running in crazy mode because of the light rain showers.

I really enjoyed the two new haunted houses this year. The supermarket haunt is a great concept, and the slaughter house was just freaky.

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