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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

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My visit this past weekend was great, even with Saturday being very busy and me missing out on FL until Sunday.    I went into Orion not having followed its construction or watched a POV or even

Get over it man.  You've made your point and we get it; it's silly that this park did not do a Winterfest-lite.  Make the 8 hour drive to KD if you want to experience that, just like all of us with KD

I went the weekend before last and wasn't going to do any sort of report or review, but with this discussion, I'll throw my hat in the ring. I thought Orion was fantastic.  Millennium Force is th

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It looks good on weather underground too which is my personal favorite weather site. It also looks like any chance of precipitation (which is less than 25%) will be late in the afternoon.

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I'm so glad Cedar Fair is putting forth a solid effort to theme this. When they purchased Kings Island from Paramount, I was only about ten years old, but I immediately noticed a negative change in the park's atmosphere. The theming went to sh*t (example: Flight Deck) and the names were changed with what felt like no thought at all. I mean, come on-- they thought I wouldn't notice them naming an Invertigo "Invertigo"? The past few years, though, especially with Halloween Haunt, I've been noticing a gradual climb back to greatness. It looks like there was a lot of attention to detail when building Banshee, and with the renaming of Flight Deck to The Bat, I feel like they're starting to get it right.


Now all they need to do is flip the right side of The Racer backwards and they'll be cool with me.

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My forecast for media day:


Sunrise: 6:57 AM.

Chance of rain: zero.

Sky condition: mostly clear / mostly sunny, just some occasional patches of high-level clouds.

Early morning winds: southeast at 5-10 MPH

Late morning / early afternoon winds: south at 5-10 MPH, maybe an occasional gust to about 15 MPH. No big deal.



5 AM: 35 degrees

7 AM: 34 degrees (might even be cold enough for a little bit of frost)

10 AM: 47 degrees

12 PM: 56 degrees

2 PM: 63 degrees

High temperature (3PM-5PM): 66 degrees


In theory, if you were on the front row of Banshee at its top speed (68 MPH) at 7 AM, you could get a wind chill as low as 15 degrees!


I also took a quick look at Friday since I know there are people here going to opening day. High temperatures should be similar, though with a warmer starting point (lower 40s) than on media day. There will be some cold rain showers moving through the area by mid to late afternoon, but no guarantee anything falls specifically at the park.


Have fun and see some of you tomorrow!

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Incredibly hyped for Banshee, it looks exceptional in the dark - I hope the park keep said effects up for the season. Shouldn't be long before the opinions start rolling in...

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