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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Yeah no kidding. I dont understand why people are being so judgemental and assuming the worst about a person who was excited and filmed a pov video on their cell even though the park asked them not to.. Even the most over-zealous employees anywhere have broken rules and they arent hellspawns..

Because it's called BREAKING THE RULES. And if you can't understand that, then you really shouldn't be part of our forum.


Just because I'm excited to get to Dairy Queen to try their new Blizzard creation doesn't give the right to speed at 110MPH on the road.


If you're "ok" with people breaking rules, find another place to discuss roller coasters at. Got it? Good...

Not only is it against the park rules but it's also a misdemeanor in the state of Ohio under O.R.C 1711.551.

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I can understand that the rules were broken, and we here, are expected to adhere to the "rules".


But all the negativity, and that people sound like they're the fun police, and/or are a judge, or a damn lawyer for KI ---- I've been lurking here for 6 months or so, and from what I've seen the TPR forums are a pretty lax place to chitchat about coasters. --- This little POV incident which I was too late to actually see what was posted ------ I get/got the feeling that some people are legitimately mad with a POV leak?! Can't Rob just take it down and that be the end all? instead of name calling, and stupid debates of what is right and wrong in the coaster world?


I understand that Rob is involved in the industry and has taken it upon himself to run a nice, 'clean' site. I approve of Robs actions.


Are some of you guys getting paid to promote "anti-theme park piracy"? Reminds me of a couple years ago when movie previews told us not to pirate movies(and a recent survey/study i JUST read said about 40% of the industry(real studio employees-makeup people/grips/whatever)-- have pirated a movie in the past year).


I think it's that I've never seen anyone, in the world of 'hobby's' --- be so anti-"piracy", and hostile about it.

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What's so wrong about Piracy? Edward Teach was a pirate! Some Somalians are pirates! So many people pirate things, and yet it is 'bad'.


Edward Teach did fine. He was notorious and infamous, and he did fine! No one tried to ^ @! # !! with Blackbeard.


I'm pretty sure Somalians are rich for pirating ships and stuff.


Edward Teach faced absolutely NO consequences for his bad deeds.


Somalians definitely aren't starving.


Piracy is AWESOME!



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^ You just reminded me...now there will be two B&M inverts in Ohio! (I knew that but it just occurred to me now ) I think Banshee looks great, but Raptor is hard to beat.

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^True, just a few more days.


The rides second vertical loop, carousel turn, roll, and helix all blend well together and should provide an awesome finale.


Banshee is honestly the most impressive design I've seen from B&M in quite some time. It has a great mix of elements, and tries some new things: pretzel knot, roll, and the unique drop not found on any other B&M coaster.

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I wonder how this will compare to Raptor ?


That is the question I am asking too. With Banshee being in the same state as Raptor I expect and welcome the reviews and comparisons between the two. If it is equal too or better than Raptor then I will visit this year for sure. If not, then I can wait until CP gets something new and visit both parks as I usually do in one trip.

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