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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Don originally said April 1st, then he said it would be released on Twitter today (which doesn't appear to have happened as of yet).


It is on the website now if you know where to look. Perhaps a group of you could get together and find it. (Hint Hint) Appears to be some sort of tent/building going into the Action Zone circle.

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I have the map with me! Part of it anyways, I cut off part of the Bat and most of the water park when I was editing. I WOULD show you, but I'll give you the details instead:


-Banshee looks more pink than purple (or whatever shade it is)

-There is a tent like building where the Action Zone Circle used to be

-Banshee looks to be the same size of Racer on the map, even though it's 79 feet taller in reality

-You want to find it? Here's a hint: iactodnue syda (scrambled letters)



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^ Thanks for that link!


I really like the way Cedar Fair does their maps. They are creative and fun to look at, yet accurate at the same time. I'm glad they changed Flight Deck (Bat) to orange on the map when they re-painted it.


Boomerang on the Knott's map is still blue, even though the coaster has been repainted two different colors after that.

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Wow. I never realized how much room there was for expansion behind diamondback,

I wish my school would do this. They might be just a little cheap


I would imagine that area will mostly be reserved for future water park expansions.


The more I look at banshee, the more I feel like it may be one of the best looking B&M's ever constructed. Speaking purely from an aesthetic point of view.

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