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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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My apologies if this has been painstakenly examined and explained already: so the fastest point of the ride is at the bottom/after the Zero-G and just before the Batwing BUT not the bottom of the Batwing itself (which to me, looks among the lowest points of the ride)...


I get the concept that the ride has built pumping speed into the Zero-G which gives it an advantage as it hits one if the lowest points of the ride directly after the 0-G versus the slow start of the first drop (which slowly builds the energy for speed versus the energy already "pumped" into the Zero-G for the fastest point in the ride directly after). My question is: Why doesnt this apply to the Batwing as well? Seems like the same concept, the trains will go up very high again into the Dive-Loop beginning of the BW (where it has just acclimated its top speed) and will then drop down to the ground- its lowest point before climing up into the Immelman part of the BW...

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The answer is that the fastest speed IS at the bottom of the batwing. Early on people randomly said that the top speed would be before the batwing but then the park came out and answered that question and said the top speed is achieved at the bottom of the batwing.

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^ No, that is Firehawk. You can see Flight of Fear just beneath it.

bdu5kepccaafflc.jpg.87f09c5371571272f3ec91f4f359a7b5.jpg The yellow circled area is where I'm talking about. Just for clarification:


Left<----------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------->Right







I guess I made things complicated when I said "top" instead of "upper".

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