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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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I'd rather not go forward with that notion. You already have a B&M invert roaring next to you, that wail would be a bad combination to my, and probably others, ears in that queue. I'm glad to see all of the progress for the park coming up, I hope that it looks better in person!

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So I just got back from a winter tour of Kings Island and the Banshee construction site. It was a mess with all the snow and ice, but it provided some great photos.


Anyways, there was one photo in particular I wanted to share. I know there has been a lot of discussion about clearance in a few areas, and that Don has mentioned no digging is planned. Today, I noticed they had a reach envelope attached to the track between the dive loop and loop. It wasn't quite at it's lowest point, but it was no more than a foot vertically from it. In the photo, the snow is somewhere between 3-6 inches deep.


Crappy cell phone picture. Still good perspective though.

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It will be cool if KI place speakers around the que and/or station area and have that Banshee scream every few minutes and use a webcam to watch the peoples facial expressions when they hear it.


You'd get a lot of video of some very irritated people.

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Just from that photo, the first thing that went through my head was, "i'm going to be lifting my feet up the whole time when i'm on this." Foot-choppers anyone.


It makes me think of this part of Great Bear at Hersheypark.


credit ultimatecoaster.com

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Hey, any type of foot-chopper element on an inverted coaster that causes the rider to panic and suddenly lift his or her feet up is always a good thing in my book.


As for the area that the Bat and the Banshee are in, I hope they do rename that area into a Halloween-type theme. Since Kings Island is no longer in the movies, the Action Zone is becoming less active these days and needs a new theme. A few upgrades and extra theming in the surrounding rides would do the trick and make this area the scariest area in Kings Island.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!

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At least Great Bear had a concrete ravine it went into, Banshee doesn't! I like feet chopper effects, especially head choppers, but at the same time, when I see a coaster like this have this short clearance, I hope that the cars are high enough off the ground. Though, I know I won't loose a foot on Banshee so I'm happy, I want to see the tombstones soon!

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The low ground elements make it exciting on a ride, not to mention [they] make you feel like you are moving faster than you really are - this looks to be a way to 'trick folks' as well to showcase perhaps B&M is trying something a bit more exciting than just floating through the air like others with these seats...love Robb's analogy, fingers crossed this pushes more G's...

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I was invited as a guest to attend ACE Holiday Party at KI on Saturday.


Here are the photos I got of Banshee.










More stuff up on that hill.



A few of us were conspiring to bring a sled to the next winter tour!



Top Deck Bat Flight Gun gondolas before going in for rehab and repaint.



Translation, please?



Kite Eating Tree (Children's drop tower)



Picnic Grove



ON the return track from Soak City to Rivertown, looking toward Soak City.



Track toward Soak City is over there somewhere.



We are standing in the middle of the track.


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Cold and snow doesn’t slow down construction of Banshee roller coaster


MASON, Ohio – Construction of the world’s longest inverted roller coaster, “Banshee,” continues to move forward in the snow and cold at Kings Island. Work crews have completed the following track elements on Banshee: lift hill, curved drop, dive loop, loop interacting with the lift and zero-G-roll. The construction of the ride’s station is also underway. Riders on Banshee will scream their way through 4,124 feet of track and seven inversions at speeds up to 68 mph when the $24 million ride debuts in April 2014.


Kings Island / Courtesy


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