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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Once again it was time to go to Kings Island. The line at the front gate was large for a sunday. I may have been because they were giving out Charlie Brown bobbleheads to the first 5000 guests. When i got back to The Beast it was empty. I got in 2 rides without leaving the station. Later on i rode Backlot Stunt Coaster, Adventure Express and Flight Deck. Its empty under the Fd station. I wandered over to Soak City to check out the action over there. Afterwards i went to Graveyard Shift and Ed Alonzos show. On to the photos.


























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Just realized how beautiful Banshee's going to look across that lake! They get rid of Sling Shot and move it to Cedar Point or X-Base and it's even better! There's a perfect spot for it in X-Base and it would open up ability to expand behind Banshee.


Thanks for the pictures! It all looks great!

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Sling Shot is VERY popular, especially when they have $10 per ride deals in the morning like Xtreme Skyflyer. Instead of removing it they should relocate it to Coney Mall (where Flight Commander used to be and is now the Dinosaurs Alive event pavilion. Besides the Oktoberfest section of the park needs a bit of an update and a couple of flats would be nice in that spot.


Mason and Kings Mills are always so pretty around the end of the season.


Riding The Beast when the colors are at their peak is one of the best times to ride the coaster. It's beautiful and amazing at the same time.

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I didn't say Sling Shot was leaving or that it wasn't popular. It's a great moneymaker, just not one I want to do. I hate heights! XD I meant I think it's good for Kings Island and Cedar Fair and they shouldn't take a wrecking ball to it, just move it somewhere else in the park so they can undo the lockin in that Paramount did that's blocked them off from the rest of the land the park owns. I could see a round path winding around under Banshee's drop connecting Action Zone to X-Base.


I'm watching them put the dive loop up right now and HOLY CRAP it's big! I take back what I said about it looking stupid, that's going to look great with the train storming through it, there's no way it doesn't suck all the blood out of your head. I'm thinking something like Afterburn's Immelmann.


And I got my driver's license a few hours ago! It's official, this'll be the first coaster I drive to!

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The first time I went, it was only like their 15th day in operation, and we waited for an hour to get food. I was not happy then. I went again in July, and decided to give it another try. That time it only took 10 minutes to get my food. I'm not sure what the difference was, other than it was later in the season.

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I ate at Red's Hall of Fame with my cousin, her husband, and my sister and I was the one who paid, it wasn't outrageous at all. Forget the exact number, but it was just like eating out at a chain sit-down restaurant. I had the hot dog and it was really good, and so are their homemade chips!

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