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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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^ And perhaps it saves them money starting earlier as there is less weather to worry about. If they add a little buffer room to the tail end of their schedule they don't have to play catch up every time a snowstorm runs through.


Also, seeing construction and supports peek out from over that wall gives guests another visual incentive to renew or purchase a pass for next season.


These are both good reasons for building early, but there are reasons that you wouldn't start this early too... the biggest one being accounting.


There is also some sort of belief that if you head to the park early in the year, you're going to see the new thing that isn't yet open and want to come back, and / or you are going to be attending with a group (school group, usually) and then whine to your parents to take you back to ride ____ for the next three months.


Whether or not there is any truth to this is another matter altogether.

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Just like when diamondback was being built I hope to go the last day of operation and get some pictures. I still have the ones of diamondback somewhere the lift was topped off and they had flags on it.

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I hope there are hardly any lights on the ride and it's pitch black back in the woodsy-area.


Me too. I can see the usual lift lits but maybe the dive loop and vertical loop getting some floodlights since they are close to the midway and queue line. The Zero G and the batwing/pretzel would be awesome in the dark (unless they do a Raptor and put strobes on the batwing).

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Does anyone know if Banshee footprint is supposed to cover the majority of SOB former footprint or is there expected be lots of unused land?

You can look at the leaked prints and see exactly where SoB was in relation to Banshee. As stated previously, the batwing is right where the loop was. There's a little dotted mass on the overhead of the print showing where the footers for the structure were.

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That is really cool! Great progress already. But was I the only one watching that video expecting that "maze video" trick where the Banshee woman would just pop up in it and scream at you? I just kept waiting for it.

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Had a rare opportunity to visit Kings Island today. Rare in that usually the first two weekends after Labor Day the park is closed for private outings but today it was open to the public. Coincidence that it's also my birthday so I got to spend about five hours at the park as a treat to myself.


They were still doing Dollar Days and the food stands were jammed even though the park was relatively dead until mid to late afternoon. Have to give the park props for how they handled the LaRosa's Pizza deal as the long lines moved rather well. They just kept stacking slices of pizza on top of each other and you would just grab as many as you wanted. Didn't get my dollar blue ice cream cone though.


As I said the park was relatively dead with near walk-ons to very, very minimal waits on the coasters until the crowds picked up later in the day.


Not much work had been done to Banshee since the last photos were taken but I will say the color scheme looks awesome in person, especially the purple colored track.


Today the park offered lights on tours of two haunted houses, Madame Fatal's Cavern of Terror (the old Crypt building) and Wolf Park (the old Son of Beast station), as a way to show guests a little of the behind the scenes of creating these haunts. I must say that I think they did an excellent job with Cavern of Terror. It seemed like a rather long maze themed to a wax museum. Most of all I was amazed at how much they fit into SOB's station for Wolf Pack. While the space in the maze seemed tight I think that just adds to the terror guests will encounter inside. For Wolf Pack we had an actual guide tell us a little about the different rooms we went in while Madame Fatale's was just a walk through at your own pace. Not sure about Cavern but we were instructed not to take photos or video in Wolf Pack.


From Exit 25 at Kings Mills Road you can see Banshee's crane on the skyline to the left of the Kings Island Resort sign


New Banshee footers being prepped behind Wolf Pack.


My favorite photo of the day - Flight Deck from the Wolf Pack queue.

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I just got home from KI. Lots of cars in the lot, but not many on the rides. EVERYONE was stuffing their faces with $1 days. I saw a family that had at least 30 bags of cotton candy. Massive lines for smurf cones. It was crazy. I just rode a bunch of coasters. I rode Flight Deck 6 times and I think i saw Geauga Dog actually taking that picture above haha.

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Thanks to Cassy & Travis, we have another Banshee Construction update!


Today we will go behind the scenes and give you an extensive look at a break run, transfer track, dirt, and track pieces!


Here are some giant noodle-looking things. Making a roller coaster is just like making macaroni art, except slightly more expensive.


And finally, a birds eye view of Banshee, actually taken by a real bird.


This structure will hold stuff.


Giant tubes of steel.


If you scan this label with your Nintendo 3DS a miniature version of Banshee will appear in your Animal Crossing game! (not lying!!!)


There are some track parts up there somewhere.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the color.... BLUE!!!!


One of these things is a human, one of them are track parts. It's difficult to tell the difference between the two.


More noodles and things.


There is actually not a human in this picture at all. It's just an illusion.


As you can see from this photo, the ride is now track complete. (I wouldn't lie to you!)


Some people say the track is pink, some say it's purple. It can be whatever color you want it to be. Just drag this photo into photoshop.




More stuff.


Things on the ground.


Steel tubes of love.


Track holder thingys. (actual technical term used by ride engineers)

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