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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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Ooooh! It has a batwing - but it's not a batwing! Awesome!


The only thing that I'm not feeling is the slow non-heartlined twisty thingie after the second loop, but only because it looks weird.


EDIT: NEW TRAINS. NEW INVERTED TRAINS. Does this mean that we'll be seeing the new seats on every B&M coaster from now on?

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I really couldn't be any more excited right now.


The inverted coaster is one of my favorite coaster types, and it's been way too long since one has been built in the US. This layout looks really unique and the ride looks absolutely massive (did anyone catch the height of the ride)?


I always thought that inverts maintained their B&M smoothness longer than all of their other coasters, so this ride should be completely awesome for decades. I'm absolutely making a trip to Kings Island this year and I'm thrilled to see the invert come back to the US!

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Not sure about the new restraints. Most B&M coasters are so smooth that I never have problems with their standard OTSR's, but the vest restraints can be a bit uncomfortable when they tighten.

But anyway, wow! That layout looks awesome! Also not too sure about the inline twist but who cares - the first drop and the batwing look great!

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