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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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After watching the video and carefully viewing everything...


Looks like a twisted dive followed by a banked turn (low to the ground?) that goes into the immelmann... Out of that into the loop and g-roll... Turn to the left (another low to the ground?) into the batwing element... After into another loop followed by a sharp turn to the right which leads into a drawn out g-roll of some sort, maybe like that odd-looking one in Europe (can't remember name) into another helix, bunny hop, turn right into brakes.


Looks like invert to me, clearly. The heart-lining of the g-roll on the prints and supports make sense.


Working in a consulting engineering office and seeing plenty of prints in regards to structural and commercial, those are legit. No question.


Really looking forward to this one.. *drool*

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It looks like a new take on a Batwing, because on normal Batwing you enter and exit from the same direction but on this one you don't.

Arrow made one on Dragon Mountain in Marineland, I think it's called a Bowtie (which I'm okay with because I think bowties are cool).


As for the record, we're probably looking at most inversions on an inverted coaster, tallest/fastest inverted coaster, tallest coaster with inversions, tallest inversion on a roller coaster... They could spin it any way they want to.


Curious - does anyone think that the trains will have zero-cars on them like Alpengeist's (for extra weight)?

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If it dropped directly into the loop it would rival full throttle's 160' loop, but it goes into something than a loop so I am thinking a little taller than alpengiest which is around 106'.


edit, why did it censor the new premier ride at MM?

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I think there will be seven world records for seven owls


Tallest invert:220-250ft

Longest invert:5,000-6,000ft

Fastest invert:75 mph

Most inversions on invert:9

Longest drop on invert:250 ft

Steepest drop on invert 80 degrees

Most expensive invert:30 mil

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Here's a terrible overlay, but it's to scale. For reference purposes, all the little dots on the blueprints are SOB's old footers. The helix towards the end of this new ride will sit right inside where the second helix on SOB was. According to this, the lift hill of the new ride will be ~250 feet in length. If the lift hill was at a 45 degree angle, that would equal a lift height of ~250 feet, but I don;t think lifts on inverted coasters are typically that steep. If it was at a 35 degree angle, it would put the lift height at ~180 feet. I'd say a record height for an inverted is possible, but it's only going to be slightly taller than Alpeingeist if it is...


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Lift hill through the loop, So an invert based on Kumba?


If this thing is more nemesis or raptor and less MCBR-nerfed weakfest, It will be tops, otherwise it'll be another alpengeist.


Not that i'm complaining, Big inverts are tons of fun even if they're not always the most intense thing on the block

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Here you go... Just tossed it together in Photoshop.


My opinion... If these are the real blueprints, this coaster may be large, but nowhere near the size of SOB. I'm fairly sure I have everything scaled right as well... If you look the service road running through the blueprint, it lines up with the map, as does Delirium, and Flight Deck.


Blueprint traced onto a Google map


Blueprint overlay with layout traced


Blueprint overlay with Google Map

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^I highly doubt it's a flyer given that Firehawk's at the same park.


So I don't know if anybody saw the plans posted to YouTube, but with a little help from RCT3, I made this recreation of them!



The discus is approximately where Delirium is.


Plans put on YouTube. There's always a chance that they're fake, but I doubt it because they're extremely detailed and as somebody who has taken a few engineering/mechanical drawing courses, these are done correctly and it seems like a lot of effort to put into fooling a few coaster enthusiasts on the internet.






So excited!

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If you look at the supports in the blueprint, they are on the inside of the loop meaning that the train would be under the track like an Inverted Coaster. A flyer train would put too much force on the riders chest in a normal loop thus it must be an Inverted coaster. Also with that second "zero g roll" after the second vertical loop I believe it will be something more like Oziris in the picture below. Almost like a wingover. The first zero g roll will likely be your cliche one on Inverted coasters. From the looks of it the coaster will have 7 inversions.


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