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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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From CoasterBuzz user Marvin Miller in their KI 2014 topic:


"We went to Kings Island again last Monday with my 2 middle kids (got 4), and their friends. We rode Diamonback 11 times -- the lines were about 5-8 minutes long, not a walk-on like last week Wednesday. Dang. Hopefully Cedar Point lines would be near-walk on next week 28th to 30th.


Anyway, as we made our way through the Action Zone, walking towards Flight Deck, we saw a group of 4 men looking fairly out of the place. 3 were Kings Island park operations admin, I believe. They wore name tags: Jeff, Robb(?) and the other one? The fourth one looked very familiar to me, and I knew I saw him before. He was wearing a pinstriped work shirt.


It finally came to me... was it Rob Decker, VP of Cedar Fair? The one Matt Ouimet issued a challenge for after building Gatekeeper?


I quickly googled Rob Decker and saw a picture of him. Yup! A match.


They were talking and one of them pointed at Extreme Skyflyer then gestured as if to move the attraction further back. Then they disappeared behind the wooden fences surveying the new construction site.


I thought, damn... I should have approached Rob and asked him, "So, you all are building a B&M Giga, eh?" just to see his reaction. Didn't have that chance.


Then my 12 year old son said he saw the paper clipboard on one of the guys, and it was a black and white park map reduced in size to fit letter size, and he saw a huge red line drawing, looking like a roller coaster up and down out and back.


He said it was huge and after I showed him the map we had and asked him to try and approximate what he saw -- he swears the lines went all way to Firehawk and possibly behind Dinosaurs Alive. It was a brief glance, though.


I quickly asked him -- because I know someone would say its an invert -- if he saw any loops or anything? He paused, thought for a second and said no, he didn't. Just really, really tall compared to anything else in the park map and long out and back line.


My son, an accomplished spy! A father couldn't be more prouder.


Now, I grant it could be a confirmation bias on his part -- I have told him I had a feeling that they would build B&M Giga on that site. But the fact that he was a bit taken back when I asked him if he saw any loops and he had to think on that for a second, and said no.


So, there you have it. A B&M Giga, it is! Well, okay... make that with 98% confidence on my part. "

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If this indeed turns out to be a B&M Giga I sure hope they make it more interesting than leviathan, maybe a Dive Machine?


I'm hoping Sandor Kernacs got the call for this project......


This times a thousand!

I'm very curious to how Intamin would do another Giga, with almost unlimited space available. One can dream...

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According to the twitter teasers they mention "diving", so giga coaster? Maybe a DIVING giga coaster... But I wouldn't expect a repeat of the Behemoth/Leviathan routine, that would just be bizarre for 2 parks in the same chain to both have 2 coasters from the same page of B&M's catalog. Outside of Busch parks, there has not been any dive machine activity in the US. It's definitely time for a new diver, and if the 308 clue indicates height, that would be a monster first drop. This area seems very large for a dive coaster, however, if it's going to be a gigacoaster we are likely to see more than the typical "square" blueprint like Griffon and SheiKra and hopefully an element to make it unique in all the world.


Knowing Cedar Fair, and their brilliant marketing of coasters with unique elements, I am wishing that this coaster features a "keyhole" tunnel of sorts. I always thought "Banshee" would be a great name for a dive coaster. When I first heard these rumors I had to laugh because I have a little Banshee dive machine in my basement that is yet to be completed.




Now if this coaster ends up being purple and black that would just be weird. Before I ran into friction issues with my model, I was already sketching up ideas for a station themed to an abandoned, decrepit church. The Banshee would lift riders a scale 200' , plummet down two 89 degree drops , the second of which would plunge through a small hole on top of a scale "catacombs" where a laser sensor would detect the train and play a loud shrieking noise as the Banshee "collected souls". The project was ambitious and fun, but still sits half completed. I suddenly feel like getting back into the basement and getting the project going again.


With Griffon being my current favorite coaster of the 300 I have been on, this could very well be my dream coaster in the making. Looking forward to the inevitable press release! They won't be able to keep this puppy in the pen much longer...

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Have we ruled out an out & back Intamin in the style of MF or Bizarro? They don't really do it a lot now, but KI could surprise. Of course, KI seems to get different coasters than CP. Of course, having MF 3 hours from another Intamin giga is better than having Diamondback within walking distance from a scaled-up version... It seems like if they build "Banshee" as a B&M giga, it would be closer to Diamondback than Leviathan is from Behemoth.

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"Diving" could also mean a beyond-vertical drop. Super-sized beyond-vertical coaster in the vein of Fahrenheit, maybe?

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I certainly can't wait for an announcement. Hopefully it comes in August. If it's going to be as massive as speculated, I could see track start to arrive before the announcement, perhaps in July?


Maverick's track, if I remember, began being delivered outside Breakers Express long before the announcement in September, perhaps in June or July and that ride is nowhere near the scale that this thing will be if even 2/3 of that land is going to be used.

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^ Do you mean coaster track could appear in July, or the announcement could be in July?


I was thinking track in July potentially if the ride is as large as some speculation would suggest (that I'm personally buying into but may be wrong), and then the announcement will come in August.

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Anyone been to the B&M plant recently?



I drove by Clermont Steel today.


There was 1 section of green track on the side of the building (matched the color of Flying Over The Rainforest), and quite a few supports in front. The supports seemed to be low to the ground portions of the coaster they belong to.


The front doors of the building were open so I did not stop.


I did have a dream last night that they installed a Batman themed wing coaster. Basically it was Batman the Ride without inversions!....LOL

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