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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Yep, I believe that picture is taken in between Adventure Express and where Thunder Alley used to be, where if Son of Beast would still be standing, you'd be facing the support structure of the lift. That pathway on the left there used to run parallel to the lift, so yeah, this "field" as it is now, looks very bare! Hopefully something starts happening here near the end of summer...

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I know it may have been a torture device but damn it...I always wanted to know...at least have the experience.

Ah well.

I believe its a very large area, perhaps the 100mph "traditional" coaster I've always wanted?

The one I built in nolimits was only 335 feet and 8500 feet long

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They also used to have a campground over in that general area. I believe that they tore it out to build the golf course - which didn't have much success.


I know this probably wouldn't happen, but it would be nice if they could put a campground next to the park again as it really was convenient for families to be able to walk to & from the park.


Former campground/golf course area.

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It looks as though Action Zone is in for a major overhaul/retheme, presumably with the rumored 2014 ride on the SOB site. It seems like Jungle Jim's may be acquiring the water tower from Action Zone? Not confirmed in anyway, but there is a picture of Jungle Jim looking at in on their FB along with some interesting comments from the store.



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Something huge is in the works at Kings Island. Thunder Alley is gone too, so now there is a ton of room for expansion!


Don't want to blow all your space in one installment...I can see them taking a few years to fill out this area for long-term growth.

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