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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Interesting way they're tearing out Son of Beast. Probably with the way the structure is and how massive it is, taking out small sections at a time is probably the safest to do at this point.


Also, read an article that was written when it was being constructed about a section of the support structure failing because of high winds. Pictures of it were very interesting as I thought they were actually from demolition. This should of been the first sign that something structurally was wrong with it. Even though it was "lightly supported" as the article states, seems to be a lot of timber that broke and should of never happened if done properly.



After reading that, things started to click, and now I can understand why things happened the way it did with Son of Beast. Shoddy wood, poor structural designing, possibly poor workmanship too. I only know of one other coaster that had a structure failure caused by weather during construction and that was Troy at Toverland in the Netherlands. The two failures look completely different. Of course there's a 7 year gap between the two and Troy using newer construction codes, but still, Son of Beast was never right to begin with and that the true reason of this construction failure was probably buried under Paramount's management.


I couldn't find any pictures of the Troy colaspse, but I did find a Dutch news video of it. As you can tell, Troy's failure did a nice "stacking" collapse, which I believe it was designed to fail like that if a failure occurred. Son of Beast's looks like they took a wreaking ball to it and has no order at all, and who knows if RCCA even though about that during the designing stage.

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I am going to say this, and you all will probably hate me for saying this. Although I will miss Son of Beast, ever since I was a little kid. I have always been so fascinated with this ride and always will be. Kings Island used to have a campground where Great Wolf now stands, and I use to stay at the campground a lot when I was little. I remember when Son of Beast was being constructed and that they would test it all night long basically, because it was never running right or something. So yea, rest in peace Son of Beast. At least you will be missed by me,haha.

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^Me too, but I wouldn't count on it.


So the structure being blown down by wind during construction actually did happen, huh? I'd heard that, but I never believed it until I saw that picture. I rode SOB several times with and without the loop not even realizing how unsafe the structure really was. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kings Island made a GOOD call with this decision to put that terrible ride out of its misery.

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^A structure failing during construction doesn't mean the finished structure is unsound. Without every structural aspect in place there are many things that can go wrong during construction. Being an architect and seeing and learning about things going wrong during construction you realize how unsound thins are until they are completely finished.


As for SoB leaving, I wish I had the opportunity to ride it, but I'm not going to fret over it. Hopefully something awesome takes its place.

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A few shots from today...


Love, John Peck


I see you Mr Crane!


BOTH of these may be gone soon


"Unwelcomed Visitor" (who knows what I am referencing? Cleveland folks may know)


If you look really close, you'll see that about 30 feet or so of block brake is gone


No Windseeker for you!


Racer... racing!

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Just looking at those pictures makes me "iffy". That structure looks nowhere near safe. I've seem roller coaster models made of toothpicks that look 10X more sturdy than that. If a train were to be ran through the course, I could see it snapping through the structure. That I would pay to see.

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With that much raw material being completely "destroyed" it is a shame they can't salvage some of it for something, scrap, fire wood, something? Eh oh well.


I can't imagine Top Flight Gun Deck has many years left given the recent fate that every other major Arrow suspended has suffered, so I'd like to see them turn that entire section of the park into some type of new themed section maybe with multiple flat rides, coasters, new restaurant, etc. That part of the park has some fairly wicked terrain so as far as coasters go I'd love to see a new terrain twister woodie (T Express 2.0) and maybe a multi-launch steel coaster like Maverick. We'll see what happens but hopefully the new addition will fare slightly better than the Son of Beast did.

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I think a b&m Wing Rider or a big Intamin launch coaster with inversions is going to replace it. They dont really need another hyper coaster because of DB, however they could pull a Wonderland and build a giga when a large hyper is 500ft away. Only time will tell what they replace it with

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