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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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Im probablly posting on this too late..not going to read through 9 pages of crap! lol


Anywho, heres my opinion-: Even though I have yet to ride "Son of Beast" I am actually looking forward to it. And this is kinda good news to me. Knowing that the ride might be getting a full rehab plus lighter trains for a more "Enjoyable Experience". Ive been told this ride is VERY rough and such, so personally, im looking forward to the improvments.



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Weather this is a good or bade move i don't know especially being that i have never gotten a chance to ride it.


Something though i have to wonder about. Why do all these modern coaster that have a loop and try to use a lap bare always have wired restraint designs. Schwarzkopf figured out a simple restraint system for loping rides 30 years ago that still proves to be effective. One ride even got stuck upside down once and no one fell out. Also i fell the simple lap bar add more to the ride because with the rides were used to seeing with the OTSR it just looks unsafe adding to the ride experience.

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^ I was just writing the same thing. Are they rebuilding that entire section to make up for the 10 feet? Since a loop is shaped like a z from above, they'll have to do something.


Maybe GG will get in there and do some strange banked S-turn thing in the middle.

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It had been rumored that the loop was coming down on PKI fan sites since about December 6th. From those pictures on the first page, if the loop was there, it would be visible.


SoB will not receive PTC trains because that would probably make your ride experience worse. For Son of Beast being a whole different type of coaster, it needs near custom trains to make it really comfortable.


I wonder if CF is taking care of this loop shortcoming by installing a little ride from a park north of PKI?

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Hey hey hey everyone, lol.. lets take a minute to feel some sympathy for the park loving GP of Ohio ok? Do you knwo how confused these people are and will be?


"hey, i like geauga lake and six flags, lets go to sea world too!"

"wait, sea world doesnt exist anymore? its called six flags too? Six flags ohio, hm ok.. lets try that.."

"six flags worlds of adventure, is that a new park? oh it used ot be six flags ohio, and seaworld together oh ok..."

"hey check it out, Son Of Beast, worlds only looping wooden coaster coo its at Paramount's Kings Islandl!"

"hey lets go to six flags Ohio, i mean worlds of adventure.. oh wait, its now call Geuga lake or is that a new park? Does Six Flags exist anymore theres still road signs for it somehow.., and theres no seaworld part now, oh hm, so its just geauga lake?"

"come on lets go ride Xflight at Six Flags, I mean, Geauga Lake, wait its gone? hm, well lets go to Paramounts Kings Island.."

"wait, worlds only wooden looping coaster, wheres the loop, and hey isnt that X Flight?? its here now?, this isnt a Paramount park anymore, is paramount gone, why is it still called Paramount's, wait its owned by the poeple who have Six Flags Ohio and sea world, I mean Worlds of Adventure, I mean Geauga lake? wait and theyre all owned by the same company that owns Cedar Poi *BOOM!!!!*"


theyre heads are going crazy now, I mean they were practically in a war zone of 4 major park chains (Cedar Fair, Six Flags, Sea World at one time, and Paramount Parks) Who fought and eventually Cedar Fair just come in and swallowed everyone up lol.


As a resident of Cincinnati for 18/19 years of my life (yay college in WV), all I have to say is AMEN TO THAT!


That being said, I simply can't believe that SoB is removing one of it's key elements. I realise that they still maintain the speed and height record, but the loop WAS the ride's most well known element. I'm excited about the CF takeover, but now I'm pissed off


And to whoever said KI had no airtime, VORTEX!

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I guess looping woodies is something that just shouldnt be attempted anymore. They didnt work in the early days of coaster building, and they dont work today. Overall, I think this is the best thing that could happen to SoB. All of you are saying to tear it down, but that would cost loads of money; and why tear down a ride when you have a chance to make it better for less money?

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ive been following this rumor on pkicentral now for a couple weeks, and i am shocked that it turned out true.i just wonder what they are planning on replacing the loop with?a whole new section maybe?i guess we will have to wait till next season to see weather this is a good idea or not.personally i find this a very cheap way(and also kindof strange decision) to solve a problem.


only time will tell though.

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I was looking forward to riding the world's only looping coaster.


What exact world is this? Not this one! Because this world has many looping coasters!


I think he accidently left out the word "wooden" in there.


Yes I know this, hence the sarcastic remark I made!


Also I think SOB is the poster child of failed attempt of making a wooden looping coaster. I dont expect anymore to be made in the future.




I was looking forward to riding the world's only looping coaster.


What exact world is this? Not this one! Because this world has many looping coasters!



Ok to solve everyones problem as to why they took the loop out.


1.Train tearing up track (rough ride)

2. Loop removed

3. Newer ligher trains

4. Smoother ride!




you made fun of what I said so dont get mad when I point this out:


you just said that the #2 reason that they took the loop out is that the loop was removed? ... thats not making alot of sense.


Actually I wasn't naming reasons why. I was just goin in the order as to why they took it out. Here I will spell it out for you. First the train was tearing up the track. So therefore they removed the loop. Then add newer lighter trains to make for a smoother ride.

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Why did the loop require heavier trains?


Was it for increased momentum?


Time for the daily physics lesson:


Force = ((velocity^2)*mass)/radius


If I assume the force in the loop is too large. The only way they can change the force is by decreasing the mass of the trains. As it is impossible for them to change the velocity of the train entering the loop and the radius of the loop (they would have to construct a new loop). The only way they can change the force the riders experince (us) is by decreasing the mass of the trains. Assumming that it is too expensive to change the trains, they just decided to remove the source of the problem, i.e. the loop.


Now the engineer and the riders are happy right?





Now the engineer is very *un*happy!

Simply because you are dead wronk!


Acceleration = (velocity^2) / radius

Gs = Acceleration / EG (EG == 9.81m/s²)


At the given speed, you could even go through the loop on the back of a butterfly, and still have the very same centripetal acceleration acting upon riders. The argument of train weight in regards to reducing rider experiencd forces in the loop is therefor failing miserably.


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I can't believe they've removed the loop, Son of Beast was just an uncomfortable from start to finish, largely not helped by those tank-like trains


Slowing down into the midcourse brakes, provided a chance to realise just how crazy the next part was going to be, the loop was a much awaited breather from the constant jolting from side to side and actually the only enjoyable part of the ride, the ride has lost its only selling point and seems a bit pointless now

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I don't mind Roughness, though I do prefer smooth rides instead of shaky ones. The fact that they took the loop out to make the ride smoother sucks. What kind of holes can they be? Sorry, the only wooden looping rollercoaster in the world was special. The fact that it was the tallest, fastest and second longest wooden coaster in the world was cool but "meh". This decision makes no point to me. Not even after reading their explanation about 10 times. I don't get it. Plus the fact that it's very bad news, makes it totally wrong. Ceder fair always new how to f**k up good rides, (not that this was a good ride) but this is by far the worst thing they ever did. Shame on them! Now if I ever get this credit, it will be without loop. BTW, CP_Rules: Loopings on wooden coasters should be attempted again! Becouse the loop was the best part of the ride, it could be attempted again. I hope so.

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